Never Know (1D Fanfic)

It all started when I was late for a work meeting to covering myself and and a stranger in coffee.... A trip home that wouldn't leave me the same person; all with a dash of drama! All while working for One Direction!


2. Job






"What job?"  

"The one for One Direction." she said as we pick up all the papers around the table.  

"But why?" 

"Because you young, full of life, and can handle anything; you showed me that today, you came in a mess but had everything you need with no brake downs." She spoke as if I could do no wrong. 

As I think about this, I pick up Zayn's paper. Thinking about this, working with five guys, one who already knows I'm a huge freak.  

"You get paid more, travel and everything is covered by us."  

This is amazing, a dream job. I'll just have to face him and work like I never spilt coffee on him or made a hug mess of myself or being an idiot.  

"I'll take the job, thank you so much."  

"Well, be here in the morning and we'll get you everything." 

"Thank you!" I said again taking the papers for her. 

"Can you please shut the door on your way out." She pointed to the I was now heading out. 

I still can't believe this! I didn't loss my job but got a better one! As I walk out the room I see Zayn up against the wall. He was looking at the ground. He looked up when I shut the door.  

"Abbey, right?" He said with a smile  

"Yeah." Thinking he was going to be upset about the spilled coffee.  

"I was waiting for you I wanted to say sorry but then I over heard your boss saying you got the job, so congress."  

"Thanks, don't be sorry about the coffee."  

His phone goes off, he looks at me.  

"Sorry I have to go the guys don't want to wait any long."  

"It's cool." 

"So I guess I'll see you around." 

"Yeah, I guess so." 

He starts walking off then turns around and comes back. He takes my pen, takes my notebook and writes something.  

"Don't look until I'm gone." He said. I believed I could see a little blush upon his checks.  

"Ok?" I said not knowing why. 

I head to the stairs because he took the elevator. Once I'm in the main office I opened my notebook and there was a number with the words "call me maybe" I could help but smile then it hits me I have "call me maybe" was write on my front of my notebook; along with millions of other lyrics.  

Later, I'm home, cooking up chicken. I tried to get hold of Ana but no luck. As I sit on my living room floor. I turn on the TV but I'm not really watching it. Maybe some writing will help, I think to myself. I get my notebook that has "call me maybe" written on it; open and see Zayn's number. Going back a forth in my head to make the choice to send him a text, call or even nothing.  

"Hey it's me..." no, delete that. For all I know this is a fake number. I'll put a question about work, yeah that's cool; yeah cool for a loser. I'll just sleep on it. I wake up to a pounding on my door.  

"Who is it?" I say half sleeping.  

"It's me!" More then one person said. Yeah like that's going to tell me who it is. I looked thought the peep whole and see five guys standing there. It takes a moment before it hits me. How did they find out where I lived? 

"One moment." 

I run my finger throughout my hair. I open my bag and toss some gum and start munching on it; and all I can think is what are they doing here. I slowly open the door.  

"May I help you?" I say. Trying to acted 'cool'. 

"Abbey, right?" said Niall.  


"May I help you?" I said again looking around at the guys. Harry just walked in and made himself at home sitting in a chair watching TV; so does Louis who's now looking at photos on my walls.  

"Who's this?" he said  

I looked over to see what photo he was talking about.  

"My little sister."  

"She cute." He said. Harry jumped up to look at the photo. 

"Yeah, she is." he said "Does she live here?"  

"No, I live with my best friend but she spends most of her time at work or her boyfriends." 

"So your here most of the time by yourself?" asked Liam  

"Yeah" Liam and Niall who had walked in and was in front of me. My back was to the door that's when it hit me that Zayn must still be there.  

I turned around and he was standing outside the door. I just smiled then turned back around.  

"So I'm going to ask once more, may I help you?"  

"We found out that you got the job." said Harry 

I turned and looked at Zayn.  

"Wasn't me." he said  

"Wait!" Louis said "You knew."  

"I found out after the meeting but I didn't mean to." he was cut off my Harry 

"Wait, Abbey was the reason you asked us to wait?" 

"Yeah..." Zayn said.  

"You to know each other?" asked Niall 

"Not really it's just..."  

I felt like I should say something.  

"I spilt coffee all over him and myself, he was just wanting to say sorry." it went quite.  

"Hold on, she's cute coffee girl?" Asked Harry point at me. Like I wasn't even in the room. Zany just look at Harry. I was now blushes then it went quite.  

"So?" I said still waiting to see why there here "Why are you guys here?"  

"We just waited to say we can't wait to work with you!" Niall said 

"Whatever." I said about to turned around right when Harry picked up my "call me maybe" notebook.

"Don't open that!" I said and took it from his hands. I looked around the room and picked up a few things; notebooks, my bag, my sweatshirt.  

"I'll be right back and Zayn, you may come in." I heard him shut the door.  Taking myself and my things to my room. I put on my red skinny jeans and my white tee.  

I head back out everyone but Zayn made himself at home.  

"You guy, I hate to do this but I have to get readying for work." I said "I have paper work to feel out and stuff." 

"Maybe we can meet up later?" asks Louis  

"Sure, my cell is charging in my room." I said looking around.  

"Zayn, your the only one not going through my stuff, so you can come in my room to give me the numbers."  

"Sure." He said.

"Just follow me then."  

He follows me to my room, once in he looks around but doesn't touch anything.  

"Here." I said handing him my cell it was quite for a bit then he said  

"You never call or texted me."  

I was taken aback. 

"I didn't know what to say." I said looking at the ground. Do something; I went to my desk got a pen walked back to him.  

"Here." I said taking his hand. I wrote my number on there and the put "text me maybe". He looked at it with a small smile.  

We head back out.  

"Okay, so I got all your guys numbers right here, so I'll call you after work and we'll do something."  

"Sweet!" almost all of them said. As they head out the door, they gave me hugs and goodbyes. As Zayn was heading out the door he gave me a quick hug. As he walked away he looked back a smiled at me. As I head back in my phone goes off. I pulled it out "1 new text" it read.  

"Thanks for your number. Zayn" See why couldn't I have came up with that.

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