Never Know (1D Fanfic)

It all started when I was late for a work meeting to covering myself and and a stranger in coffee.... A trip home that wouldn't leave me the same person; all with a dash of drama! All while working for One Direction!


32. Huh?


"I will never forget that!" My sister said walking into our house. The guys... I mean Harry dedicated a song to her. Which, I found to be sweet but not sure if my father liked it. Or the show. He's not really a music person unless it's Old Jazz. 

"Come on!" I said. Grabbing Zany's and Louis hand's, waiting for the others the grabbed hands. 

I lead them out side to the trampling. Jumping on I pull my sister up; then reached down for Louis and Zany's hand. I took out my iPod a blasted the music; getting off I place it on the table and get back on; everyone was just looking at me. I gave them a look and we all just started dancing and jumping. 

After sometime everyone was in there own place. When I make my way to Zayn. As we've been dance for a bit. Taking both his hands we start this little jump dance. A slow song popped on. I pulled Zayn close and said "Better?"

"Much." He said when one of the guys changed the song. We jumped and dance for an hour more before we we're called in for dinner. It was our last night here then its back on the road. I could help but smile when dinner was done; there was not fighting or bashing. 

"Guys bring me your stuff to wash and I'll do it tonight but only this once." I said.

Okays and thanks filled the air. 

That night everyone was watching TV. But as ten came around I was still washing there stuff. 

"Hi." I jumped, turning and seeing my sister. 

"Hey, you about killed me."

"If I did could I have you job?" She teased.

"Nope, so you better keep me around." I winked at her.   

"Even if the guy want me." She teased. I just rolled my eyes.

"Where are the guys?" I changed the subject.

"Dad took over the T.V. so there packing." She finger quotes around packing. 

"Okay, here." I hand her some clean cloths. 

She just looked at me unsure.

"Now, you have a reason to see if they are." I winked and then she walked out.

I had Zayn's, Harry's and Louis's cloths. Knocking on the door Louis opens the door. 

"Here you go!" I said. 

He opened the door and pointed to the bed. 

Looking around I said "Where's Zayn?" 

They look at each other then Louis looks at the ground and then Harry looks at me. 

"In the shower?" Harry said. Even thought it can more out as a question.

"He left you guys in here alone?" I said.

They didn't say anything.

I walk out and go to the bathroom. I could hear the shower run so I knocked on the door. But no one answered so I opened the door.

"Zany?" I asked.

"No, but do you mind."


"Last time I look I was." He said.

He then poked his head out from the shower.

"If your here then where's Zany?"

"I don't know." He said.

I was just standing there thinking.

"Well, do you mind?"

"Oh, yea, sorry." I said closing the door.

If he wasn't in the shower like Louis and Harry said; where could he be?


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