Never Know (1D Fanfic)

It all started when I was late for a work meeting to covering myself and and a stranger in coffee.... A trip home that wouldn't leave me the same person; all with a dash of drama! All while working for One Direction!


23. Guys?

As I got out of the car and walked around I tripped over something but I didn't hit the ground some arms stopped. I looked up and see Zayn smiling at me. I blushed.

"Thanks." I study up he dropped his arms around my shoulders.

As I got everything on the list, what I needed and so did Zayn. We headed to the car Zayn had opened the door for me  after I a place the bags in the back seat. I turned to to find Zayn right behind me. I blushed a little and smile. He smiled back he started to lean forward when my cell rang, stopping I pull it out and seen that it was Harry calling.

"H-Hi." I stumbled out.

"Hey, Did I… Never mind; Niall said to make sure you get something for dinner."

"Are you guys packed?"

"Everyone but Niall."

"Tell Niall if he wants dinner he better be pack before I get there."

Harry yelled what I had said I had to pull the phone away from my ear. I giggled to myself as I hanged up my cell.

Zayn looked at me with a little smile and said.

"Where are we getting dinner from?"

"You pick." I said getting in the car.


Walking in to my place I about lost it as the place I left before was gone and now replaced with a huge mess. I stopped walking witch made Zayn walk right into me. I could hear yelling from the hall.

"Louis Tomlinson, Abbeys going to be back soon... Now stop." Walking in to the kitchen I place the shopping bags and food on the table.

"Don't you dare go in there!" I heard Harry yell. They still didn't know we're back. I stepped into the hallway to see Louis about to open my door. He looked up and seen me and stopped right where he was. Harry spines around and looks at me.

"I..." I cut him off.

"Where the hell is Laim and Niall?" As they weren't in the hallway with them. The look on there face was priceless if I wants mad I would probably be laughing.

"Liam in the shower and Nialls in Ann's room packing."

"And what are you to doing?" I could see them look at Zayn as if asking him for help. I looked over my shoulder at him but he was just standing against the wall smirking and him band mates.

"Umm, Louis was..." Harry started

"I don't want to here it just clean up this mess..." I said

"Sorry." Said Louis

"Hurry, dinners getting cold." I knocked on the door to Ann's room then pushed it open.

"Hi." Said the blond hair boy trying to zip up his bag. Walking over I sit on it squishing it down so he could zip it.

"Thanks mate."

"No problem, dinners in the kitchen. Are you all packed?"


"Let's go eat." I tossed my arm around his shoulder. Passing Zayn in the hallway I wrapped my arm around his whist pulling him with me.

"Don't eat all the food!" Harry yelled after us.

"I'm making no promises!" I called back.

We all where munching away when I wet heared Liam walked in.

"Are you all packed?" I asked


"You may eat then." I said waving my hand over the food that sat in front of us. I few minutes latter Louis and Harry walked in. I eyed them.

"Is it all cleaned nd' your guys packed?" I asked lifting my eyebrow at them.

"Yea" they said

"I guess you guy may eat."

Once everyone was done I hand out what they had asked me go get for them. Made sure I was all packed. After that we all went nd' did are own thing. The guys were watching a movie and I was sitting at the kitchen bar going over what we had to do the next day, week and weeks to come. Made sure my phones where charged.

I didn't even see that someone had sat next to me until the waved their hand in front of my face; looking up a find a dark hair guy smiling at me.

"Whatch' your doing?" He asked lifting up some papers. His eyes widen when he seen it was all about then and what was planed for them.

"Work." I must of look nerves because he then moved his chair closer and spoke softly.

"You'll do great." I breath deep, the air around me had a sent of him. Smiling I nodded.

 A different piece of paper cough his eye as he picked it up I seen it was a list of things I had to make sure people interview them didn't talk about. Right now the list was small but I'm told it will be updated weekly.

The list coved simple things; but the top one is who they have or haven't slept with. And a few others.

Another part if my job was keeping drama at a all time low for the guys.

Don't get me wrong I'm more then a bit scared I’ll mess this up.   

One by one the guys went to sleep by ten it way only Zayn and I up. I was still going over paper, lists and work stuff. Zayn sat with me the whole time. Until he reached down took my hand and pulled me to my feet.

"No more work." He said pulling me to the living room. I want to stay but I was getting sleep and it would be nice to have time alone with him before we hit the road.

Sitting down he pulled me with him; warping my arms around him whist as he lays back. The T.V. was already on but we didn't change it. He wrapped his arm around me the heat from his arm was making me sleeper.

"Good night Abbey." Was the last thing I remember.

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