Never Know (1D Fanfic)

It all started when I was late for a work meeting to covering myself and and a stranger in coffee.... A trip home that wouldn't leave me the same person; all with a dash of drama! All while working for One Direction!


22. Goodbyes Then Lunch


An half an hour later I was packed and so was everyone. Liam and I wouldn't let any out of the house or watch T.V. until everything was packed. Once everyone was packed; I tried to sneak out but some of the guys followed my outside to the beach; trying to get me to play in the water with them. I slowly made my way down the beach away from everyone. I need to give myself a prep talk, so that what I was doing.


"Your sister isn't little any more. She can take care of herself; you just need to be there. And Harry a friend of yours. Monday you start working for them. Don't panic, it's just work, everyone works. It's your job to get these guys where they need to be and keep them out of trouble, you can do it." I kept telling myself these little things over and over. 

            I was so wrapped up in my own thoughts that I didn't see that I was about to walk into someone until I did; I fell back on to my butt.

            I could hear little giggles for then a shout girl around my age. She had soft tan skin and jet black hair. Then it hit me, I know who she was!


"Yes, Abbey?" She holds her hand out for me.

"What are you doing her?" I ask her still taken aback. I haven’t seen her in quite sometime.

She was all most the same but her hair was way shorter. I use to hang out with her when I went to college at campus but then I got the job working for my boss who wanted me to work full time, so I switched to online college. Then I got the job working for the boys. Talk about a lot of changing.

"Getting in a work out with some friend, playing soccer. You?"

"Umm, spending the weekend with some friend at a beach house."

"Fun!" She said wiggle her eyebrow at me.

"Yeah, it's really fun."

"Well, we should hang out soon."

"Yeah, when I get back in town."

"Back in town?"

"My job has me traveling a lot."


"Yes, yes I am."

"Abs!" I could hear my sister call. Rolling my eyes, I said

            "I have to go, but text me!"

"Abbey!" I could now hear Zayn call and I smiled. Rachel lefties her eyebrows at me. As more voice where calling me.

            "You better go before they start to put up missing person posters for you." Laughing I took off running to where the voice came.

            "I'm here!" I said waving my hands. Everyone was out calling me. Louis took off running at me jumping on my tackling me to the ground. We both giggled as I said

            "Get your big bum off me!" He sat up but not getting of; all he did was smile. I shoved him off; falling face fist into the sand. Standing up I look back at him. He sat there him face covered in sand. He reached out and graving my leg making me scream.

            Then stand up fast wrapping his arms around me, right when the others showed up. He lefts me off the ground taking off to the water.

            "Louis! Don't you dare!" All I could here was him laughing, the water and Zayn and Niall yell at him to stop. He stopped.

            "Drop her!" Niall said the realizing what he.

"I don't mean..." But I didn't hear what came next because I was now under the water. I don’t fight against the waves but let them care me to the sand. I walk out of the water my outfit socked; great all that times I spent in the bathroom for nothing.

I looked at Louis

            "Watch your back." He did all he could not to laugh.

            "You okay?" Zayn, Niall and Liam all asked me at the same time. Lifting my eyebrows I said

            "I’ve be better" We took off back to the house as we did Zayn slipped his arm over my shoulder pulling closer to him. I could feel his shirt socking up the water. I didn't say or do anything, I was a bit cold plus it was nice.

            Getting back I went to go change, I pull out my pink power range top. I have two, this one looked just like the pick power rangers top. With that I pulled out my white skinny jeans. Putting then on I push my hair in to a messy bun. After everything is back pack up, I leave it at the top of the stairs.

            "Has anyone seen my sweatshirt?" I asked my own arms wrapped around me as I walked in to the living room. No one said anything but then Zayn said "You can use one of mine, if ya want?"

"Thanks." I said as he got up; I followed him up stars. Walking into his room he then held up to sweatshirts.

            "Witch one?" I took the gray one slipped on but didn't zip it up. Hi eyes widen when he seen my shirt.

            "What?" I said looking down at my shirt. Then it hit me from our first date he said when he was little it wanted to be a Power Ranger. I started giggle and couldn't stop. He just kept looking at my top. I hear some footsteps up the stairs. Harry and Louis came in the room.

            "What's wrong with him?" Said Harry as they walked over and I pointed to my shirt.

            "Did you know, Zayn has a crush on the pink Power Ranger?" Said Harry, lifting his eyebrows at me.

            "Really?" I was trying to keep my giggles in. His face went a little red.

            "Well, I once had a crush on a Power Ranger too." I said winking at Zayn walking off. I could hear Harry and Louis laugh.

“Wait!” I could hear them call after me.

“Witch one?” Harry and Louis asked.

“I’m not telling you.” I then walked off.


            We arrived back at my place. Just have a little over an hour before having to take Allison to the airport. I was going though my bags that I was taking with me on the tour. I added a few more things when there was a knock on my door.

            "Yeah?" I said as someone open the door, turning to see my sister.

"Hey!" She walked over and sat on my bed.

"I'm already." She had a little tears in her eyes. Sitting down I hugged her. It's always hard to say goodbye.

            "Okay, well go in ten." I whispered to her. We pulled away and I whipped her eyes.

"Video chat, while you’re on tour okay?"

“I will.”

"With the guys too?"

"Sure." I said; Harry will love this news.

We walked out together she still had tears in her eyes.

"Guys?" They all looked at us.

            "It's time take Allison to the airport." I squeezed her closer to me then let her go as the guys came to give her hugs.

            "I'm coming!" Said Harry. I looked at Zayn.

"You wanna come too?" He smiled walking over and dropping his arm around me.

            "Ya read my mind."

            "I wanna..." Louis started to say.

            "Maybe next time. I don't want a crowed of fans around when I'm sending my sister off." I said. Harry had his arms around Allison but I didn't do anything this time it was nice seeing how much he had came to care for her over the last few days.


As we pulled up the guys had hoods pulled up and sunglasses on. We walked her to the gate but we can't go pass that point. It was always hard to say goodbye even if it was only for a bit. Allison and I always cried, every time.


Our arms wrapped around each others. I pulled back and whipped away a few tears running down her face. They guys where behind us a bit; but where they couldn't hear us.

"Keep an eye on the guys." She said

"I will." I hugged her again.

We pull away she walked over to Zayn and gave him a hug. Then to Harry who hugged her back even with sunglasses on I could still tell he was sad.

"Bye." She said slowly walking off.

"Bye Allison!" Harry yelled in his thick british voice many more eyes looked at him, trying to see into the hood. Zayn walked up behind my placing a hand on my shoulder. I turned and wrapped my arms around him as I tried to stop the tears. I know I'll see her again, call and video chat but it’s not the same. I pushed away as I dried my eyes I looked up to see a part of sunglasses looking back at me. A sweet smiles was also seen upon him face. He wrapped his arms around my whist pulling me to walk with him as I did; Harry dropped him arms over my shoulder. We walked it of the sliding doors heading to the car.


"You guys starving as much as I am?" I asked waiting at yet another red light. Looking in the review mirror I see Harry looking at bit sad but him and Zayn said yeah.

"Where do you guys want to go?" I said then adding

"I'm feeling like sea food."

"I'm not!" Said Harry; I stopped at another red light.

"I want some good old fast food." I just looked at him but then said

"Fine!" Rolling my eyes; I went back driving.

"Should we call the guys, have them meet us there?" Said Zayn

"Sure." I said turning left as Zayn made the call.


We got there to find the other hiding under hoods and sunglasses. Once we got inside, food ordered and sitting down did the guys take off the hoods and glasses.

I sat in the middle of Zayn and Harry; others on the other side.

"You all packed?" I looked up to see who Liam was talking to, turned out it was me.

"Yeah, but I need to stop at the store to get a few more thing; do you guys need anything?" They all started talking at once. Putting my hand up to stop then I looked; trying to find a pen and paper. A napkin will work I said to myself but I still need a pen looking around I see a worker cleaning off a table near by.

"Pardon, do you have a pen I may use?"

"Sure." She said walking closer her eyes widen a bit when she seen whom I'm sitting with. I see her trying to play it cool as her trembling hand handed me the pen.

"Thank you." I said taking it before to poked someone's eye out with how bad she was shaking. Nicely, she walked away but I could fill her eye watching us.


The list was done it was much longer then what I was hoping for.

"Zayn?" I said realizing he hadn't said if he needed anything.

"He'll go with you; no one buys his hair stuff but him." Niall said with a mouth full of food.

"If that's, fine?" He spoke softly leaning it to me. I smiled sweetly and shook my head yes.

"M-may I have my p-pen back?"

"Thank you." I said handing it to her.

"No p-problem." She started to walk off I wanted so bad to tell her there’s no need to be nerves, it's not like they bit... Most of the time but she was gone before I could even finish think about it.

After we where all done everyone got a cab but me and Zayn, Harry wanted to come but I told him to go back to my place and make sure the guys are packed and call me and let me know. We leave on Monday and Monday is only a few hours away. Plus I wanted just some time to calm my mind as we heading off soon. And Zayn was no problem to have around; it surprised me that it helped having him with me; it helped calm me.


Hey, Thank you all for read!

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