Never Know (1D Fanfic)

It all started when I was late for a work meeting to covering myself and and a stranger in coffee.... A trip home that wouldn't leave me the same person; all with a dash of drama! All while working for One Direction!


30. Freak Out

"Abigail, just because you don't live here doesn't mean the rules don't apply to you and your.... friends." My dad said.
"It's Abbey." I said.
"And it's not my fault I don't like it here." I add before grabbing Zayn's and Harry's hand pulling them with me.
"Abigail?" Harry said.
"It's Abbey, and if any of the other guys find out. Oh, how I would hate to be you." I said.
Harry acts like he zips his lips. Once we got to the top of the stairs Harry and my sister went into there own rooms.
"You okay?" Zayn asked.
"I guess, I just want to get this over with." I said. "They just don't understand."
Zayn pulled me into a hug. It seemed peaceful for a second; then he pulled away.
"We should go to sleep." Zany said.
I gave him quick kiss on a check and then headed into my sisters room.
She was standing in front of her closet.
"What are you doing?" I asked.
"Just making sure it's all there." Allison said.
"So, I have tickets for you for the show." I said.
"Yea', and backstage pass and the whole lot but you have to take our parents with you."
"Oh, but..." I gave her a look. "fine."
"Okay, you make freak out, quietly." I said.
She did a little dance. As we crawled into bed she asked "You really like him don't you?"
"Yea' now go to sleep."

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