Never Know (1D Fanfic)

It all started when I was late for a work meeting to covering myself and and a stranger in coffee.... A trip home that wouldn't leave me the same person; all with a dash of drama! All while working for One Direction!


10. First Date Part 2

At first it was a bit quite but a good quite. But he broke the quietness.
"So..." he said
"So..." I said copying him. We could only hear the sound of the waves rolling up onto the sand. I could smell the sea salt; a smell I would never get sick of. I couldn't take the no talking it was really nice but there was still so much I wanted to know about him. So I made the choice to ask him.
"So did you guys all try out for the show together or on your own?"
At first he was a little taking about, probably thinking everyone knows the answer.
"You really don't know that much about us do you?"
"Umm, no" I felt a bit bad not know as much as the world dose. "Only what has been said in meeting."
I moved just my eyes up to see his face; he had a small smile on his face.
"So to answer your question, no I never like know the boys before the show. After we got put together we spent a week together. Like to get to know each others and get work on singing but the whole singing part didn't really happen has much as it should of." he smile problem thinking back, remembering those days.
"Sounds fun."
"It was but I kinda of caught a couch on fire." he said reaching up and scratching the back of his head.
I giggled. And think how do you “kinda” catch a couch of fire? As the night went on we just kept asking each other random questions.  
"What did you want to be growing up?" he asked
I smiled thinking he was going to laugh at me.
"Umm... I wanted to be a teacher"
"Yeah, I use to make my sister play school with me." I smiled as I thought back to those times. "I would always give her A's. But then she would" I lifted my hands and put air quotes around the words "act out in class" I put my hand down by my side. "and I would be put in the corner or make her write lines or something."
he looked a little shocked "Did you really like make her write lines?"
"Yeah, as long as we wear playing the game she did what I would tell her but she would just scribble lines but as I gotten older I found I'm more into writing." there was a quite pause and I then asked
"What about you?" I didn't want him to ask about me and writing.
"Around five or six I wanted to be a...” He stopped taking like he was unsure he wanted to tell me “Power Ranger."
"No way!" I said trying not to giggle "That's so cute."
He just smiled at me.
"Power rangers aren't cute they kick ass!" he said. As I was trying to hide back more giggles.
"But" he then said "Like when I gotten older I wanted to be an English teacher."
"English was my favorite class and my best class" I said trying to make him feel a bit better about laughing at his Power Ranger dream.
As the night went on I found a lot about him, at times he could be really shy but on the other hand super funny. I could tell he was someone I could fall for him, fall hard for, and that scared me more then anything.

He told me about his family and friends from back in England. I could tell there was a part that missed his old life just a little bit; but then he talked about singing in front of people and meeting fans, I know nothing would or could changed him mind from doing this for his life time.
As we were walking he slowly moved his hand to stop me from going ahead. He reached in him jacket, pulling out a bracelet black and white bracelet; one of the homemade bracelets I seen in the jar. He moves his hand down to mine, lifting it up he slips it on. I look down at it. I couldn't help but smile. I looked up; he was staring at me, with a huge smile on his face.
"Thank you." I said stepping a set closer to him. I could hear both of us starting to breathe faster. For a moment I thought this may be it but as much as I wanted to kiss him I know I wasn't ready. So I tipped on to my tippy toes and kissed him on the check. His smiles grow and so did mine.
We walked for about twenty more minuets but then the wind was starting to pick up and it looked like it may start to rain any moment. So we made the chose to go back to my place to watch a movie. The drive home was quite but nice the radio play down low and sometimes I could hear Zayn sing; witch there is no law against. 

Heading down the hall to my door I could hear laughter, not thinking twice about it until I went to unlock my door but it was already unlock. I pushed open the door

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