Never Know (1D Fanfic)

It all started when I was late for a work meeting to covering myself and and a stranger in coffee.... A trip home that wouldn't leave me the same person; all with a dash of drama! All while working for One Direction!


9. First Date Part 1

As I reach to open the car door so did Zayn. Are hands touched; my tummy did flip as if I was on a roller-coaster and my knees went weak. This as never happened to me before. What is wrong with me! I moved my hand away and look down at the ground; feeling my face heating up. As I get in I started to think about Zayn and the other guys. How I have only known them for about two; maybe two and a half weeks and I don't not them that well but I have been around them quite a lot. I mean so far I know there whole next two year life plane. Looks like I will be working for them that long too. I don't even know who choices there interviews, show and what other things there to do. All I know is what my boss emails me; I put it all together and make sure the guys get there. I remember the meeting we had a few days ago. I started the meeting. It was hard to get going with just me and five cute guys staring at me. "I...mmm." I was trying to find the right words. I kept tripping over my words and blushing. Good thing there wasn't any walking right now because I know I would have been tripping. I told then about all the interviews, TV and Radio, shows they were going to play, Award shows they will be going to, movie premiere. The list goes on and on. As the meeting went on I found my eyes dashing over to Zayn more then another guys. I finished the meet by saying, "We will be hitting the road in a few days." looking around the table. Smiles were on all there faces. "So make sure you have everything you’ll need will be gone for almost three moths." "And will you be coming with us, Ms.Abbey?" asked Louis "Yeah, who other person in the world would keep you guys out of trouble other then Laim, sometimes"  I said with a grim. "Ha Ha" said Harry "you'll come to the dark side soon" he winked at me. Dose he really think I'm going to fall for his cuteness or go to "the drake side", its my job to keep them from trouble. I was thinking when Zayn pulled me form my thoughts and back to the car, back to our date. "You okay?" "Yeah" I said then look over at him. The sun danced over his face making him look like he was the sweet person in the world, like he's never been in trouble or had never done anything wrong. Ha, I think to myself, I bet, no know he's ha his share of trouble, who hasn't? "I was just thinking how I don't really know you or the guys really…" I said now looking at the floor of the car "and I'm going to spend about eleven weeks with you guys." "I know that's why I asked you out before we hit the road and things like gets really crazy." I smiled I could help but think that was really sweet. He wanted to get to know me, Ms.little know body. "So where are we going for our date tonight?" I ask see now that we have left most of the cars behind. "Well I was think about the board walk, or taking you out and having a paint ball fight then I thought of sky diving…" I cut him of there "There is NO way in hell I'm sky diving" He chuckled then said "See that's way we are going to one of my favorite places to eat." I let out a sigh; happy that there was no sky diving tonight. As we pulled up to a little breach cafe, I was taken aback. It was one of the coolest places I have ever seen. Everything was covered with sea shells; around the edge of the table, tropical follower, real and fake was all around the place. It was amazing. On one side surfboards was leaning up on the walls, and behind the bar on the wall was covered in beach themes CD cover. I was falling in love with this place and I have just walked in. Zayn giggled at me, that’s when I noticed my mouth was open I bit. "This place is amazing." I said "May I set you?" said a young lady. "Yes." said Zayn "Outside or inside" Zayn looked at me. I gave him a look the read you pick. "Outside, please." He said to the young lady whose name tag read Jess. She kept looking Zayn up and down, like she trying to figure out where she has seen him before. As we walk thought the dinner room I head someone yell. "Hey, Zayn" I turned to see who had yelled. It's was a guy behind the bar. Zayn waved as we stepped outside. "So you come here a lot?" asked Jess "Yeah" Zayn said looking at me answering Jess's question. My face was heating up, knowing that he was looking at me. "Cool, I just started here a few days ago!" she said trying to get him to look at her. "I'm Jess by the way!" she said I looked up at her as she was still just looking at him. I looked back a Zayn who was still just looking at me. Then turned his head and said "I'm Zayn and this beautiful lady here is Abbey, my date" he looked back at me. The heat started to flow to my face so I turn acting like I was taking in the amazing view; witch part of me was. Jess got the point then, after about fifteen minutes are food was here. I ordered breaded ship, a salad, and breadsticks. And he ordered two times as much food as I did! "I'm glad you’re not afraid to eat!" he said with a little laugh. I was taking aback on what he just said. "What?" I asked pulling my eye brows together. "Well most girls just have salad or something small." "To tell you the truth, I haven't eat all day." Looking down so he could see me blush; I wish I would stop blush, I hardly ever blush. He tilted his head to the side; as I sneak I look t him. "Why?" "I have had" I raised up my hands to make little quite marks around the word butterflies, "butterflies in my stomach all day…" I can feel myself start to blush. He must have seen because he then said "Good, I thought it was only me!" he said with a half smile. As we ate we started to talk more and more and asking each other questions. As dinner started to rap up, the guy from the bar comes over. "Vas happenin?" said Zayn to the guy from the bar. He had dark blond hair, gray eyes and was a bit tan. He was a bit cute but he was no Zayn. "Nothing man, you?" he said I was a bit taken aback because he had a British accent too! Zayn nod his head the said "Benn this is Abbey, Abbey this is Been." "Nice to meet you "I said as he stuck out his hand for me to shake. "You to, my lady." why do British guys have to be so cute with that accent!  "Well, it was nice to see you again Zayn. I'll let you get back to your night" "Later, mate" Zayn call after him. As we finished up with the dinner Zayn asked "Would you like to go for a walk?" tilting his head to the beach. "I would love to." He went to pay. I watched him as the lady named Jess was trying to hit on him now that I wasn't there. I looked back out to the water, it was peaceful. I turned to see if Zayn was coming. He was still there, Jess was working slowly. I was about to look away when he turned his head towards me. He seen me looking at his and smiled. I smiled back as he waved me to come. As I got to him, Jess glared at me. As she was still taking forever saying something wasn't working right. I notice a jar of homemade bracelet. "I'll be right back" said Jess Zayn let out a sigh. "Sorry." he said "It fine, I don't mind waiting here with you" I said sending him a smile that made him smile too; making my knee go weak, thank god for the counter. "I'll be right back." I said walking over to the wall of surfboards. As I gotten closer I see the on the wall there was ones hanging up to. From were I was sitting those one looked like wallpaper. But they are amazing; there are about ten or so, real one hanging on that wall. Some had drawings, all different colors and everything. As I looked around I had no clue that Zayn had walk up behind be. I was stepping back to get a better look at the one that was on top. I was thinking; by the looks I would say it was the oldest about a 1952. It just had that feel to it and the color was a light brown, witch was huge back then... "I'm so sorry..." I said turning around not excepting to see him there. He chuckled at me. "It's not ever day a beautiful girl walks in to me, backward that is." "So girls walk into, frontward then?" I said eying him. It may be the most stupid thing I have ever said. "Let's just got for that walk...."Zayn says moving his head towards the door. "Yes, we shall."

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