Never Know (1D Fanfic)

It all started when I was late for a work meeting to covering myself and and a stranger in coffee.... A trip home that wouldn't leave me the same person; all with a dash of drama! All while working for One Direction!


11. End of the Date

 I pushed open the door to see four people watching TV and talking. They didn't even see me or Zayn walk in.
"uummmm" no one still heard me. So I walked closer and Zayn walk in then I slammed the door shut. Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis turned to see me. Their faces went white, they the know this moment was going to happen but didn’t want it to.
"Hey, wait tonight was the night of your guys date?" and Harry. I could feel my face heat up not sure about the part of being on the date or anger that he was playing stupid.
"What are you doing here?" I asked
"ummm" Niall said. Standing up, he kinda looked like he wanted to make a quick run for it.
I rolled my eye, waiting to hear what they had to say. How can four guys put a stop to such an amazing night? I’m not sure why I’m so made, if this had been any other night and found them hear no big deal; so why was tonight any different other then the fact…. I stopped think. Was it really just because it was the night Zayn and I have out date?
"we got kicked out of are where we were staing" blurted Liam, snapping me out of my thoughts.
"What?" I said hoping this wouldn’t make any headlines. What did they do... What did the burn down.... How much trouble are they in.
"We had a water fight inside our rooms" I waited to here the bad part.
"And..." I said
"That's it, like we got a few things wet but other then that, nothing" Niall said he had a different accent then other guys witch I like about him. He sat back down. I must not look at mad or something.
"Did Ana let you in?"
"Yeah right before she left." sail Louis

“I’m going to call her.”
I turn to make a call to Ana when I see a huge stack of suit cases.
"What are those?" I asked pointing at them
"Suit cases!" said Louis, like a little kid in school when they know the answer.
"Yes but who?"
"Ours" said Louis again. Looking a bit shy, not so much of a little kid now, huh?
Zayn and I gave each other a look that read sorry. Thank you guys for ending our night before we wanted it to.
"And" started Liam "before you asked they would not give us a new room."
"Hold on" I said " let me make a call to Ana." I said walking into the kitchen
"Hey girl!" she answered
"Don't “hey girl” me!" I said not every happy with her but nothing of this was her fault.
"I guess your back home then?" Ana said

"Why didn't you call or text me, about the guys?"
"I did!" she said. I pulled the phone back and seen I had two miss calls and four texts. Great now I feel bad about yelling at her.
"Sorry..." I said
"It's fine" she said.
"So" I said looking at the ground even thought she can't see me.

"Can the guys crash here for a few days just until the weekend when I can work everything out and get them a new place to stay?"
"Yeah!" she said "but I'm coming home as soon as I can. I don't trust those cute British guys with you!" she said giggle
"Mostly Zayn!" she said next, making me making me roll my eyes.
"Hey!" I said about to say we had amazing time to night and no funny business when she cut me off.
"That reminds me" she said "How was your date?"
"It was" I turned around to make sure no one was there "Great" I said not want to sound to crazy about how amazing it was; until she got home that is.
"Good" she said then "I have to go the boss just walked in."
Ana is a club DJ. She is the best I know; but the again I don’t know that many. She has such an ear for music that it makes me sick, sometimes. But on the other hand it's the best, she is always telling me about new bands and stuff. I heard someone walk in behind me pulling me from my thoughts.
"So" I know just by that on little word it was Zayn. I was about to say that they could crash here when I got a text

Text Read:
"Four guys can crash in my room. Two in the be and two on the air bed and one on the couch, we will crash in your bed" ~ Ana

I looked at Zayn and said "Follow me."
As we walked back into the living room the guys were watching TV. I reached for it and turned it off. The all started to wine.
"Fine I guess you would rather sleep outside!" I said trying to get them to listen. Louis, Niall, Harry and Liam all looked at me.
"Ana and I talked about it you guys can here until the weekend end by then I should have a place for you guys to stay."
They all said there thanks, Niall jumped up, ran over and gave me a huge hug.
And said "I get to stay with my newest best American friend!" in a little kid voice. Like when little kids gets too sped the night at a friend’s house.
"Okay" I said looking around. "So Niall, I know you have already gotten in to the little bit of food I do have so I need more..."
"Yes, we need more food!" said Niall
I looked down at what I had on. I didn't feel like shopping in this. I went and changed into sweat pants that ended right under my knee and a blue tank top. I slipped my boots on and grabbed my sweater, keys and bag.
"So I'm running to the store to by some food." I said
"I'll come" said Niall
"I'll come to" said Laim
"Sure, but only you too" I gave Zayn a look the said I'm sorry.
"So what I was saying before I changed is that four of you are sleeping in Ana's room. Don’t get in to anything or shells kick you out, I have seen her do it before. Two in her bed and two in the air bed; and one on the couch. "
"but who sleeps where" asks Louis
"ummm, dose anyone snore, if you do your in the room, or if you sleep talk your in the room." I said then remembering something
"Harry, my dare, you are sleeping on the air bed. Ana would not like to know you slept on her bed with nothing on. And you have to have SOMETHING on at all times. Okay?"
"Yes." he didn't sound the happiness but hey my place my rules.
"How about we let Zayn take the living room, he’s doesn’t do anything wired." we all looked at Zayn, who was staring at me. As soon as he realized we were all looking he turned his head away. Like he had been doing something he shouldn't be doing.
"uuu, yeah, sure."
We gave each other a quite smile then I said,
"We'll be back."

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