Never Know (1D Fanfic)

It all started when I was late for a work meeting to covering myself and and a stranger in coffee.... A trip home that wouldn't leave me the same person; all with a dash of drama! All while working for One Direction!


14. Blushing

Slowly I began to walk back to the kitchen.
"Where does stuff go?" asked Laim pulling me out of my own head.
"ummm, wherever." I said
He just looks at me for a second then starts putting things away. Once everything was put away; Harry and Louis headed back to watching T.V. Niall was started to look around looking for something to eat.
"I'm going to take a shower." I said heading to my room. As I'm getting my pj's I hear a soft knock on my door thinking it was Zayn.
"Come in" I said turning around.
There in my door way was Louis.
"Oh, hey." I said token aback. We just stand there looking at each other.
"Do you need something?"
"I uh just wanted to say sorry." he looked like he meat it, like he was really sorry. I felt a little bad for him but then I remembered that they ended my date; that bad feeling left.
"It's okay, Louis." I said walking over and sitting on my bed. He walked in to my room and sat on my bed too.
"You can call me Lou by the way." he said smiling up at me.
"Cool..." I said "Lou" I couldn't by help giggle and he could help either. He looked down at my hands and sees my pj's.
"Oh, yeah. You were going to take a shower." he said remembering what I had said less then five minutes ago.
"Yeah, I'm." with that he stud up and left the room. That was sweet of him I was thinking. I let the hot water run over my face and down to my feet. It felt good like it was washing my problems but as so as I turned of the water and stepped out my problems hit me back as a head a crash come from the kitchen. I grabbed my light blue pj's pants; they had white music notes on them. And a light blue tank top the said "Music is my everything" in white writing. I brush my hair, putting it in a brad. B Putting a light makeup on and a soft red lip gloss. Taking other look at myself; I never really don't care what I look like but then I hit me what I was doing. Shaking me head, I realized that I look like I was trying to look cute so I messed up my hair by rubbing my hands over it. Now small pieces of hair stand up all over there now I didn't look like I was trying to hard. There was now more yelling coming from the kitchen. I opened the door and the smell of food filled the air. Even thought I ate a few hours ago, I'm now starving. I looked in, to fine two of the guys, Lou and Zany picking up glass from the fool.
"What did you break?" I asked
"A drinking glass." said Niall he must have been the one who did it because he looks a little scared.
"Oh, that's" I said "As long as it wasn't a coffee cup. Those” I said pointing to the set hanging on coffee cup hooks “my aunt gave me." I said walking over to the bar chair, I sat. As I did I looked down at Zany, who happened to just look up at me. He smiled witch made me smile too. Harry cleared his voice making me look up over at him. I blushed a bit. Making the choice to change the subject I asked
"What smells so good?"
"We are ‘try’ making pizza." said Lou as he got off the floor.
"Do you want some?" asked Laim
"Yes, please!" I said
"Zayn, didn't you feed her on your guys date?" ask Niall winking at him
Zayn rolled his eyes.
"No, like I took her to dinners but didn't let her eat!" said Zayn in a sarcastic voice.
"I'm kindling, Abbey enjoyed the date, she told me herself with a huge smile on her face I might add." Said Niall. My face went to red, I could feel the heat. As I turn to hide it from the guys. Zayn happened to be against the wall that I as now facing. He had a huge smile on his face and my face, hard to believe went redder.
"I'll umm, be like back" I said tripping over my own words.  I went to my room. I need to pass sometime and let me face cool; it was still red. So I called my sister.
"Hi!" I said
"Hey, Abs!"
"How are you?" I asked
"Good, almost all pack!" so sounds so happy.
"Packed?" I asked unsure of what so was taking about.
"Yeah, for my visit?"
"Wait!" I said "that's this weekend!" I said.
"Yeah…" my sister said dragging the "ah" part out. Then adding "you didn't forget did you?"
"Me, forget my baby sister, never" I said but I was thinking hell yes! What was I going to do? I have five guys, plus Ana and maybe her boyfriend; if he finds out about the guys staying here; he would want to stay too.
"Well text me before you get on the plane.”

 “And I'll pick you up." I said. We said our “I love you’s” and our “Goodbyes”
As I walked back out I totally forgot why I went in there in the first place. But the smell of pizza called me to the guys. They were all sitting around the coffee table eating away.
"You guys are saving me some right?" I asked as I head into the living room. Zayn was the only one sitting on the floor. So I sat on the floor a few feet away from him and grabbed some pizza.
"Abbey?" I looked up to see who was said my name. It was Lou.
"We have a friend who said we can stay at their beach house this weekend, so we only need to stay a few nights."
"Yeah, its cool." I told them.
"And we were wanting you to come, Ana to as a little thank you gift." said Liam.
"Oh..." I said

The guys all looked at me. They were mostly thinking I would be more then happy to go with them. And I would but how do I tell them my sister coming to see me this weekend.
"Thanks guys that's amazing" said Lou in a girls voice that I’m guess was to sound like me.  
"You guys." I started "I would love to but I can't; my sister is coming in town this weekend."
"Well I'm sure she can come to?" said Harry looking around at the other guys.
"Sure" a few of them said while the other shock their heads yes.
"I'll have to ask her...I don’t even know if she wants too…" I said
Harry picked up my phone handing it to me and said
"Call her!"
"Why?" I asked
"What won’t she believe you?" said Niall.

“We the hottest boy band right now, why would they be handing with you?” said Louise in a girl voice. I’ll tell you something, their girl voices are starting to freak me our; plus I have never, ever heard a girl that sound close to there girl voices.  
"Good point." I said. Even thought me and my sister are super close I don't think she would believe me if I asked her of she wanted to stay at a beach house this weekend; plus might I add a beach house with these guys.

I pushed the take button, on the second ring she pick up…
"Hey" I said dragging the "ey" sound out a bit.
"You did forget, didn't you and know I can’t come right?"
"Know that's not it, ummm" I said not sure how she would take it.
"Spit it out already to I can unpack."
"Unpack, ypu don't have to unpack." said to her "I was just wanted to know if you want to stay at a beach house with me and a few friends?"
It was quite. All the guys looked at me waiting for an answer.
"What kind of friends?"
"ummm, well there in a band..." I send "and there British…" I add. Part of me was hoping she would say yes but there was a really small, supper small part hoping she'd say no; the scared part.
"Are the well known?"
I didn't want to tell her who it was. She keeps up with everything and I bet she know who they where.
"You'll just have to come here and see yourself." I said.
"Fine, there is at less one cute guy, right?" I giggled to myself.
"Even close to hot!" I said reading the guys face, they didn't know what I was talking.
"Really?" she said
"Yeah!" I said
"Sure, why not!" she finally said.
"You'll have lots of fun and we still can go shopping." She loves to shop, if it was a sport she would win gold.  Once again we said our love yours and goodbyes. As I sat the phone down and took a bit of pizza. I noticed they guys where looking at me.
"So?" said Harry lifting up his I brows.
"She said" I said trying to answer it a slow as I could. "Yeah!"
"Yes!" Said Harry
"But..." I looked at Harry and only Harry "If you make my sister fall for you and break her heart, you'll deal with me." I see looking in to his eyes and not blinking once the whole time. He looked a little token aback and a bit scared too. Good he should be, this is my little sis, we’re talking about. I gave him a fake sweet smile, turning back eating my pizza. I could hear the other guys giggle a bit. Right when the front door opened. Ana and her boyfriend Ron walked in. She smiled and the guys all but Harry, he looked like he was going over what I had just said.
"What's up with him?" Ana asked pointing to him.
"Abbey sister coming in this weekend and Harry has been hinting hits about..."
Ana blasted out laughing, so hard Harry’s face was turning red. Even Ron was laughing.
"What’s so funny?" Ask Harry
Ana still could stop laughing. So Ron stepped in and said
"My brother broke Abbeys sisters heart, He ended up with a bloody noise, when she found him making out with a other girl because he went to take off running but there was a wall right behind him, and smack, that’s how scared he was of Abbey. And on top of the last time he seen Abbey, he took off run, and ran right into a huge cake that these people where caring."
All the guys looked at me.
"So think twice before messing with me." I said with a little smile. And I winked at Harry. Ana has slowly stopped laughing by then.
"By the way" she said "Ron's going to crash with us, its cool right? I mean you have five guys, all I have is one." She said with a wink. Moving her hands like a scale.
"Yeah, he can crash on the fool in my room with us." We have a full house.
"Guys, Ron; Ana's boyfriend. Ron this is, Lou, Liam, Harry, Niall, and Zayn" I said looking at Zayn when I said his name and my face flushed I light pink.
"Pizza?" asked Liam pointing to the pizza. Everyone ate; watching T.V. I take one more slice. We watched more T.V. Just a mix of what ever was on.


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