Never Know (1D Fanfic)

It all started when I was late for a work meeting to covering myself and and a stranger in coffee.... A trip home that wouldn't leave me the same person; all with a dash of drama! All while working for One Direction!


20. Beach Trip 2

Here you go!  

Please let me know what you think. And thanks to all for reading it, comments!  


KayCee K.





I could feel the sun shining down on me but I just wake up. 


"Zayn!" but I didn't move I stayed right where I was. I could hear voices but I just blocked them out and started falling back to sleep. 



(Niall's point of view) 


As I ran my fingers though my blond hair I walked off the porch. I could see a blanket on the beach chair, wonder why it was there. Walking over I seen two of my mates sleeping. They look so cute. Before I tell the other I'm taking a photo I thought to myself as I pulled my camera out his phone; and snapped a photo. 

"Found them!" he called out.  

Thee more people can running over. Harry, Louis, Allison started giggle but Niall hit Harry and Louis on the arm. 

"Let's wake them." said Louis walking to the other side of the chair. 




(Abbey's point of view) 


I could hear the voices once more this time loader then before. Next this I know I felt someone kick the bottom of the chair all I did was mon. I was still more then half asleep. I could still hear them saying are names and shaking me but I was still sleep soundly. What happened next happened so fast I didn't think it really happened. Someone had flipped Zayn and I right out of the chair; now we're on the sand. 

"Who did that!" I said still half asleep. 

I could hearthem laughing as I and Zayn stayed laying there. I go to get up; I was going to get who ever just did that. But as soon as I did Zayn squeezed me closer keeping me from moving. I'm not even sure if he knows what happened or if he's still deeply asleep. But I lay my head back on him. 

Then I whispered "Zayn we are laying in the sand." 

He opened his eyes a little and seen that we where. 

"Did I roll off?" 

"Nope, someone flipped us off the chair." 


"Yup!" I said popping the 'p' 

"Who?" he said but before I could answer someone else did. 

"Louie." said Harry 

"I'm goin' kill him." Said Zayn  

"I'll help."  

More laughter filled the air. 

"Here!" said a someone holding there hand down for me to take. Looking up I seen it's Niall. After he pulled me up I gave him a hug and said "See told you I would catch you." 

I could help but giggle then he offered his hand to Zayn who happily took it. Zayn dropped his arm around my arms pulling my in to a hug.  

As we walked off Zayn was brushing sand out of us hair; he didn't look to happy about that and I didn't blame him.  


As we walked in I could see Laim sitting at the table. 

"Where we're you?" 

"They were asleep outside." said Allison. 

"All night?" 

I just shrugged my arms. 

"What's to eat?" said Zayn 

"I'm starved." He added looking around.  

"We brought all most all the food from your place so it wouldn't go bad." Liam said. At first all I did was shrugged my shoulders, still not really a wake.  

"Did you grab my muffins?" I asked. As its my all time favorite thing to eat in when I first get up.  

"We didn't take food that was yours, only what we bought." said Laim 

"Did you grab my..." I was so hoping they grabbed my cookies. I mean I can live without my morning muffins but not m cookies.  

"I grabbed your cookies." said Niall. Man, he was a life saver and that's what I told him.  

"Your a life saver." 

"No problem." He said taking a bit of something.  

"I'm going to go to a coffee shop or somewhere to get a muffin, anyone what anything?" 

"I'll come with you." said Zayn he still had his arm around me. 

"Can I come?" said Niall, the look in his eyes said he really wanted to come. 

"Yea'" I said not seeing why he couldn't.  

I pulled away from Zayn walking over to Liam I whispered quite load where I know Allison and Harry would hear. 

"Don't leave those two alone." I said raising my eyebrows half joking, half not. 

Allison, Harry and Liam told me what they want. 

"I want..." Louis stared to say 

I turned around and gave him a 'you must be joking' look. 

"You flipped me out of bed, I'm not ordering you anything get one of your mates to." 

He turned to Zayn who just gave him the same look I did. 

Niall stepped up " What you want, mate ?" at that note I went and got ready. I pulled on yellow skinny jeans, with a white tank top with a stripped black an ' white jumper; topped off with a set of black boots. I ran a brush though tout my hair then ran to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. 

I waited by the door; found it a bit odd that a bet Zayn done. Most guys are done before me but not this time. As I waited by the door I put a lite coat of lipgloss on. I heard footsteps going done the stairs, it was Zayn.  

There is no law against how long Zayn gets ready, he looked nice. He had tan pants, black tee, with a blue jumper; simple but nice. Niall was already outside waiting on us. I started the car. 

"Do you know a place close by?" they both answered no. 

"Well lets explore!" I said as we pulled out. 

After fifteen minutes we found a small cafe that was a few blocks away. It had an old feeling but up to date. One side was covered with tables while the other side had huge sitting chairs. It was my kind of place.  

The young lady working just stop what was looking between Zayn and Niall... she must of been a fan. 

"May I h-help you?" she was hardly breathing by the look. 

"Yes, please." I said stepping up while Zayn and Niall was still reading the lists of coffees and teas. I ordered Laim's, Harry's, Allison's and mine. She just kept looking at me; not meanly but like she was trying to figure out what I was doing with two of the most know guys in the world.  

Zayn stepped up behind me, placing his hand on my shoulder and ordered his, then Niall went. We're waiting to the side when I whispered to Zayn and Niall. 

"You should ask if she wants to take a photo with you." 

They looked at me like I was a bit odd then it hit them. Who I was taking about. 

Niall walked over and asked her, her eyes lit up. It was amazing to see how one question could change her, putting a sparkle in her eyes. He walked back over with her. 

"Here let me." I said holding out my hand for her phone, she showed me what button to hit. They all smiled then I took the photo. 

"Okey, silly one now." I said winking at the girl she made a funny face and so did the guys. She said thank you like five times to me and the guys. They signed the white tee she had one.  

Then are orders were ready. We got to the car, when I realized I forgotten my sunglasses and went back in. They where sitting on a table, I had sat them down to take the photo. As I went to leave she said 

"Are you dating one of them?" I froze 

"I work for them." I said smiling sweetly at her.  

"Oh, to bad it seemed like Zayn likes you." I could help but blush. 

"What's you name?" I told her my name then left.  

Getting in the car I looked back and Niall was already eating, the muffins you had gotten. 

"Niall, what would you do if I told you there's no eating in my car?" now it was his time to freeze. 

"Joking."I said as Zayn and I laughed at the look on Nialls face. 

Pulling up Laim and Louis was waiting outside.  

"Liam!" I yelled setting out of my car.  

"I said not to leave those to together." I said totally joking with him. My sister smart... most of the time.  

They came over and helped caring in. We ate then got the house ready for the small party we are tossing tonight.  

I took out my laptop when I was waiting on the bathroom. And got onto my twitter. I had a my same tweets from people, friends and family I talk to most of the time but there was a new one. From the girl from the coffee shop. I couldn't believe she looked me up!  

Tweet read: Still can believe that I meet Niall and Zayn today! 

I also seen that she had told people that I work for them and that I have 47 new followers. Its only been a half of an hour from the time she tweeted it. I never really thought about how much my life could and would change by just working for them; let alone being friends or even maybe dating one. 

I couldn't help but flop back on the bed; trying to push these thoughts out of my mind. Moving my laptop off the bed and flopping back down.  

Put my headphones in a blast my iPod. "Whatever" by Hot Chelle Rae comes on. I had my eyes closed just taking in the music; I didn't noticed that I wasn't alone anymore. Someone had flopped down right next to me bouncing my a few inches off the bed. Rolling over I was meet by one of my new favorite faces to see. I smiled a small smile before I took out one of my headphones; offering it to Zayn. He took it without saying anything. We stayed laying, I closed my eye. As the song ended I opened my eye to see him watching me, hoping I didn't look to stupid.  

The next song that can on was the last song I wanted him to know I had. "Everything About You" can on I go to grab my iPod off the bed right when he went to get it to; but he was a bit faster. He smiles and rise his eyebrows at me; all I do is roll my eyes.  

He keeps my iPod in one hand and takes his other one an pulls my closer. I lay my head on his chase I can hear him hum. Once the song ended he gave me back my iPod. 

"I thought you didn't know us?" He asked rising him eyebrows.  

"After I got the job, I downloaded a few of your guys songs." 


"Well... I was wondering what your music was like." 


"It's..." I was trying to think of a way to put it. 

"It's different then what I mostly play but in a good way; I like it." 

"Good, cause your stuck with it almost every night when the show starts." 

"Bathroom's open!" My sister called. But Zayn didn't let go of my. 

"Abbey?" I look at him. 

"I'm glad your the one who got the job." 

"Me too." I said getting up and heading to the bathroom. 


I only told two people about the party, Ana and Grace. Grace id the second person I meet when I moved here. We don't get to hang out as much as we use to. But we hanged out at a few times a mouth.  

The party has been going on for about an hour; and Grace hasn't shown up and Zayn has hardly said two words, Ana's DJing, Alison is with Harry. Liam is busy being the perfect host, I have no clue where the others are. Man, this kinda sucks.  

"Abbey, right?" I turn to see who had said that; I was token about to see that it was Benn. 

"Benn, right?" Knowing I was right. 

"Yup." He said sticking out his hand for me to shake.  

My eyes moved to the girl next to him; she had black hair with the dark blue eyes. Something about her seemed sweet but at the same time you don't want to mess with here. 

"This is my girlfriend, Sammy." 

"Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Abbey." I look back at Zayn.  

Who seen me looking at him; a bigger smile grow on his face. I turn back to Benn and Sammy. 

"Wait, is this Zayn's Abbey the one he keeps texting you about." My face blushed and I raised my eyebrows. 

"Come again?" I said 

"Zayn's has been texting me about you." 

"Good or bad?" I said making both of them giggle. 


"He's really popular." I said looking back at him.  

"Hey, this is what it's like the first hour 'nd half." 

"Every time?" 

"Almost." He said with a little smile.  

My phone ringed, pulling it out I seen that Grace text saying she couldn't make it tonight and she was really sorry, and wishing me an amazing trip. 

My face most of shown it. 

"A friend can't make it?" Said Sammy. 

"Yeah, but it's cool." I said putting my phone away. 

"I'll be back, it was nice meeting you again Sammy." I walked over to Ana who has been DJing all night. 

"Hey!" She yells over the music  

I didn't say a word just sat in the chair next to where she's been standing. 

"What's up?" 

"Nothing... hey can you DJ some Hot Chelle Rae?" 

"Only if you get out there and dance." She said winking at me.  

She takes a song and mix it with her own beats; witch makes it even more amazing. Making my way to the middle of the area where everyone was dancing, I found Liam dancing by myself.  

He reached out him hand and pulled me to him then let go of my hand he started dancing again. I couldn't help but loss myself in the music, dancing. After a few fast song a slow one began to play. 

"Wanna?" Asked Liam holding out his hand for me to take and I did.  

He place his hands on my back and I place mine around his neck; there was a good two feet between us. We just danced, no words were said, no odd silence. It's felt good to have the feel that he card for me as a sister and I felt for him as a brother.  

The next one was also a slow song, but I felt someone tap on my shoulder. Turning, I seen Zayn standing there. 

"May I?" He held out his hand for me to take. 

This dance felt different then the one I just had with Liam. Witch made me blush when I though about it. His hands placed on my hips, my arms wrapped around his neck and there was only a few inches between use. 

"Hello, Mr. Popular." I could feel his chest move when he giggled. 

"Sorry." He whispered in my ear.  

We dance rest of the song and half way thought the next one when Niall came up and whispered something in his ear. 

"Dance with her." Zayn said before walking off. 

I gave Niall a look that read 'what's going on' all he did was start dancing. I wasn't dance, so he reached out his hands taking mine and making me dance. Pulling my close he said 

"Zayn's ex is here; he telling her to leave." 

"Oh." I wasn't upset that his ex was here; I was upset that he' didn't tell me. That he just left without telling me a thing; not that we are going out or anything but its just the nice things to do. 

"Forget it, there way more then history." Said the Irish boy.  

I shock the thoughts from my head and went back dancing. If was quite for few songs before Zayn came back, yet he didn't come back alone. 

There was two girls following him. Zayn walked to me and Niall; he was rubbing the back of his head. Niall took a step closer to me. 

"Abbey this is May and this is Ruby." He pointed to each. May was skinny, with light black hair, soft white skin. Ruby had dark red hair, with tan skin. 

"Hello." I said now thinking about how my hair and everything must look next to them. I have been dance, I must look like a mess. They didn't say anything just looked at me. 

"Hi Niall!" Said the one called May. She must be Zayn's ex. 

"Hi." He didn't seem happy, the joy seemed to leave both him and Zayn. 

"Well, I'm gonin go see Anna." I said. 

I stared to walk off but was stopped by someone garbing my hand. I turned, thinking it was going to be Niall but it was Zayn. It looked like he was going to talk; like the words were going to jump off his lips and into the air at any moment. I squeezed his hand to show that it was okey.  

I understand ex, believe me I do.  

The next hour he was followed around by May and Ruby; he hardly talked, they kept trying to get him to dance with them but he wouldn't. I seen he started to drink more and more. By the end of the next hour he was wasted but they wouldn't let him be. I couldn't take it any longer. 


"What's up, Abbey?" 

"You know those girl?" I said point both of them who was following Zayn. He must of knew what I was say. 

"I'll talk to them, you sneak him away." I nodded. 

I watched as he walked up to the girl and started taking to them; they didn't even see that Zayn kept walking. 

"Zayn?" I said in a soft voice.  

"Abbs!" He yelled, yeah, he was wasted.  

"Shhh." I said reaching and taking his hand. "Come on." 

"Where?" He stumbled over the fist few steps.  

"Just come."  

The whole time he had a studied little smile on his face. Until we go to the top of the stairs. 

"Dizzy." He said. 

"I got you." He held onto me closer; I could smell him with a mix of all different kinds of drinks. I open his door, I kept the light off.  

Helping him on to the bed he lady down with a plop. I take his shoes off. I looked up to fine him trying to take his jumper off with out unzipping it. 

"Let me." I sat next down. Taking him jumper off I fix his hair that he messed up with his jumper. The whole time he's just sitting there watching me. 

He reached up and brushed some hair from my face. I was about to say he should lay down but he moved closer and said 

"Your beautiful." I wasn't sure what to say. I didn't know if he really meant it or if it was the fact he was wasted. I pushed him down on the bed. Making him burst with laughter.  

He reaches up grabbing me he pulled me back next to him. He wrapped his arms moving me closer next to him. He let out a beep breath that sent shivers down my back and arms.  

After a bit his breath became a steady beat; I figured he fell asleep. I began to moved but his arms pulled me closer. I couldn't get away; the more I moved the more closer he pulled me. Trying to wake him was also out of the question. And I couldn't reach my cell it was in the my back pocket; the one laying on the bed.  

It looked like I was stuck. There was nothing wrong with it. I was snuggled in a nice way but I was cold. I looked around, I spot a cover blanket at the end of the bed. I use my feet and slowly move it to my hand and do my best to cover myself up. Snuggling into the bed I realize how sleepy I am. And fall off to dream land.

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