Never Know (1D Fanfic)

It all started when I was late for a work meeting to covering myself and and a stranger in coffee.... A trip home that wouldn't leave me the same person; all with a dash of drama! All while working for One Direction!


19. Beach Trip 1

Hey, I know it's late but Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. For you guys I made this a super long chapter. Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think. And don't for get to share. Lots of love to everyone of you.


KayCee K





The airport was busy like always. The guys wanted to come but I made them stay home. Just Ana and I went to go pick her up. When we were waiting; Ana asked me a question that I was hoping she would stay away from.  

 "So..." I looked at her "You like, like Zayn?" she said leaning over and bumping me with her shoulder. I blushed and smiled at her.  

 "I knew it!" she said all giggle like we where in middle school. I rolled my eyes. 

 "Abbs!" I heard my name being call. I knew right away that it was my sister. She ran over and jumped into my arms; she dose this every time. And my I add almost knocking me over. 

 "Man, you look all grown up!" I said taking a step back looking at her. Her soft brown hair was pulled back into a messy ponytail. She also had silver eye-showdown and lip-gloss on. She was wearing a black tank to with a silver see through top, light blue skinny jeans, with white boots.  

 "Ana!" she hugs my best friend like there're best friend witch in a way they are. When my sister comes it's always just the three of us. This will be the first time that she comes and won't be staying at my place.  

 "So got everything?"  I asked.

 "Umm, I have one more bag!" she said. She went to go get it coming back setting it on the floor. I went to pick it up I could hardly get it two inches off the floor.  

 "What did you pack bricks?" I asked.  

 "What you said there where cute guys!" she smiled at me. Ana smiled at me lifting an eyebrow at me, I blushes.  

 "Cute, well I know who you where thinking about!" Ana said.

 "Ana!" I said knowing my face was going from pink to red.  

 "Who?" Allison pretty much just yelled. I could feel a few people looking at us.  

 "Ummm..."  was all I was able to get out.

 "You'll meet him soon!" said Ana grabbing Allison's arm and pulling her out the doors to the car. 

 We pulled up, walking up the stairs I had nothing but butterfly. What if she freaks out? I think to myself. What if I freak out because she freaking out; man I think this can't end well. 

 "Abbey? Keys?" said Ana. We where here, I think this is the first time I was nerves to be at my own home. 

 As I try to luck the door with shaking hands all I could hope was that all the guys would not be sitter right there when we walk in. Pushing the door open but I couldn't hear or see anyone. All the lights were off; making me even more nerves. I slowly moved forward but still nothing. I walked into the kitchen, thinking this is for sure where at less one of the guys would be. Right? 

 When I went to go turn the light on something or someone's hand grabbed me. I jumped and screamed turning around about to hit the person when I was meant with a huge smile.  

 "What the hell!" I said playfully smacking Zayn on the arm. I heard another screamed and turned around to find that it was my sister who had just walked in, most likely to find out why I screamed. She was standing there looking between Zayn and me. Just looking; it was getting a bit odd when I heard a yell come from the hall. 

 I looked at Zayn who only smiled.  

 "Ana?" I yelled she walked in holding her hand to her cheats surprised and laughing at the same time. The other guys walked in behind her, laughing just has hard. I wish I took a photo of my sister. Her eyes got huger when her eyes moved from one guy to the other. The guys stopped laughing right away when they see her. We all just took time looking at each others. I couldn't but help want to burst out giggling at my sister.  

 "Allison?" I said stepping to her. She looked at me then back to them. Zayn had moved over to the guys. Allison glades at me then said in a low voice where only I could hear her.  

 "Why didn't you tell me?" I just gave her a smile.  

 "Surprise?" I said she looked a bit mad at me. A bit upset that I didn't tell her. Then she got this look in her eyes that I never like to see; the look she get when she going to get even. Man... I might should have thought this through a bit better.  

 "So what one did you think was hot?" she almost yelled it. I couldn't believe she just did that. I could hear a few of the guys try to hold back their chuckles. My face when bright red. I was in shock... still could believe she did that. I turned to see if the guys where looking at me. Given me luck they where. I didn't want to meet Zayn's eyes but I could help it. But he had a small smile on his face.  

 "Are you just going to stand there and blush. We..." Harry moved his finger to point at himself and the guys. "know who she's talking about so..." he just shrugged his shoulders. I just glare at him.  

 "Allison, this is" I said pointing at each of "Louise, Liam, Niall, Harry and Zayn!" they all smiled at her; Harry with the biggest smile.  

 "Guys; this is my sister Allison." Allison was smiling at the guys, mostly Harry. Great! Wait... Haha sister; payback isn't going to be so fun.  

 "Harry..." I said "Remember what I said about my sister!" eyeing him as I left the room looking back I could see Allison began to blush. 

 I could hear footsteps behind me.  

 "Wait, Abs what did you tell him?"  My sister asked.

 Haha! I did my best not to smile but I couldn't help it.  

 "Wouldn't you like to know!" I said as I stopped walking.  

 "Yes, yes I would!" I just eyed her. 

 "Fine, I'll just got bug them about who you like..." she took of walking back to them. 

 "Wait!" I said grabbing her hand "I just told him... If his messes with you he'll have to deal with me." I said knowing the guys where most likely hear everything we were saying. 

 All she did was hug me, heading back do the guys. I could hear her talking to them for the first time. I head back into the kitchen right when I heard my sister ask in a low voice to Lou who I like. He happen to look up and seen me; I gave him a look.  

 All he said was "You'll see!"  

 "Umm, can someone help me move Allison stuff to my room?" before anyone could answer Zany had jumped up.  

 "I can." Said my sister. As we felt the room I could here Lou say "See?" Allison's giggles filled the air. I rolled my eyes, just because he's helping me dose not me 'I' like him; even thought I know my feeling where changing.

 Zayn sat her stuff at the foot of my bed. He was just standing there.  

 "You can sit." I said pointing to the bed. He was taking in my room. Like all the guys do every time they are in here.  

 I open my closet door. Looking for a bag to pack for the beach. I can't use my traveling bags because they were all packed for work; I still can't believe we leave on Monday. I hardly had anything left to pack for this weekend. I found my old beach bag; it had a sunset of different reds, organs, yellows. It wasn't every big. But it's should hold a few outfits, swimsuit, bathroom belongs and a few others must needs. As I was looking what other things I had packed I could hear laughter and talking it was getting louder and louder.  

 "Umm, Zayn do you mind shutting the door?" he gave me a puzzled look.  

 "There're just to loud, can't think." I added but really I just need it a bit more quite. As he shut the door, he started giggling.  

 "You uhh really like these guys huh?" he said pointed to the back door where three posters of Hot Chelle Rae was hanging. I walked over and placed my hand on his shoulder.  

 "Jealous?" I asked smiling up at him. He smiled back.  

 "Maybe... Just a teeny, tinny bit." he slowly placed his hands on my whist pulling me closer to him. Wrapping my arms around him neck. I leaned my head in and lade it softly on him chest. I'm not sure how long we stay like that.  

 Out of no where my door flys open and in walks Niall. I don't move away from Zayn I keep my head were it is; he dosen't move either.  

 "Yes?" I asked, he smiles at both of us.  

 "Are you guys ready?" He asked.

 "I need to finish packing." still not moving. He waits like he was seeing if I was going to get packing.  

 "Ummm, are you just going to stay like that?" he said chuckling to himself.  

 "So what if I do? We are fine." did I really just use we?  

 "I'll just have to get Lou to come get you." he said jokingly. 

 I glared at him sticking out my tung as I pulled away. 

 "Fine, I'll pack!"  

 "Good, we're leaving in less then an hour." He said.

 "Abbey?" I heard Ana call. 

 "In here!" I called out.

 Zayn had walked over and sat on my bed right when Ana walked in. 

 "Hey, I won't be able to stay with you guys this weekend but I can come a few hours Saturday night." 

 I gave her a sad look.  

 "Aaww" I said walking over to her. 

 "Are you sure?" I asked.

 "Yeah." I gave her a hug before she left with Niall following her.  who shut the door.

 "That's to bad." Zayn said in his beep British voice. 

 "Yup, but at less she'll be there Saturday." 

 As I pack it hit me that I need my journal witch I had hidden as soon as I said the guys could stay here. Pulling open the closet door, once again, I looked up relived fell over me as I seen it was still on the top shelve. I reached up but still couldn't reach it; I had to toss it softly up there in the first place.

 Thinking to myself how I was going to have to pull a chair over to get it...

 "Uh, need help?" Zayn said getting up. 

 "I got it." I said right when my fingers hit the end making it fall strait on my head. I could hear Zayn giggle a little. When I looked down my journal was open and papers had fallen out around it. My heart raced as I bent down to pick then up. 

 Soon, Zayn was there starting to help me. All I could think was please don't let him read anything; not even one little word. After they where all picked up he held out the papers he picked up but then stopped and pulled then back his eyes being to move. Fear hit me; I went to pull the papers out of his hands but he stepped back reading more. I had no clue what he was reading my journal was filled with everything; papers I did for school, poems about my life but mostly lyrics. Lyrics, I was planing on never or not wanting to share. 

 "Zayn?" I said but he didn't say anything or didn't look up. Plus I couldn't read his face. 

 "Zayn?" I said a bit loader. He walked over sitting on the bed.  

 I was getting a bit upset. Walking over I said his name again. Once I reached him I waved my had in front of his face. But still nothing his eye still reading over what ever was one the paper my heart was reaching more getting faster and faster after each beat. 

 What seemed like forever he looked up at me; his face still unreadable. 

 "Did you write this?" he finally said. I knew the answer was yes but I didn't want to say yes until I know what he was taking about. 

 "What?" I asked starching out my arm so I could take the papers and see what he had just read. Hoping it was a school paper but to my luck it wasn't; it was lyrics. 

 "So?" He said.

 "Yeah, kinda." I remember these lyrics it was from my latest and last boyfriend we last for almost two years. 

 "What'ch mean kinda?" he said eyeing me. 

 "Yeah, I wrote it." placing it and all my other papers back and shoving them into my bag.  

 "Abbey..." Zayn began to say "That's really..." 

 "I don't want to talk about it." I snapped at him. "Okay?" 

 I looked at him, he didn't look hurt instead he looked like he wanted to know more. 

 "If you need to talk I'm here." he said standing up taking my hand. I didn't say or look at him. It's been more then three almost four mouths sence the brake up from Conner; I didn't miss him or want him back. I wanted him gone to have never know him, ever fall for him. 

 I was planing on being one of those weird cat ladies; I already had all the names picked out, all of course had to do with my favorite names of people for books but hey, who cares right? That was my pane. I never ever wanted to be hurt, again. Or fall for someone and Zayn isn't helping at all.

 Because I hadn't said or did anything he slowly pulled my face up to see him. 

 "Okay?" I couldn't talk. I know I would say something I didn't mean. I shook my head yes. 

 "Abbs." Someone said making me jump and pulling away from Zayn. 

 "Sorry." said Allison "Umm, was, I'll just ask you later." She went to leave but I stopped her. 

 "Allison, it's cool." I waved her in.  

 "Yeah, umm I got to make sure I'm all packed any ways." He looked at me then giving me a quick one arm hug when he did he said "I'm always here."  

 I watched him leave as he closed the door. 

 "So?" Allison said "Are you two like a thing or something?" 

 "Or something." 

 "Ana said you went on a date with him." She said.

 I blushed I never blush in front of my sister of all people. The last pass two some year has been the longest we have been apart and even then she stays a mouth of the summer with me and comes and sees every other mouth. 

 "Talk to me?" She moved my bag off the bed and sat then patted the spot next to her. 

 "I don't know." I sat next to her  

 "After everything that happened with Conner I just..." I started to say.

 "Don't want to get hurt?" She finished my words. I smiled oh how I have missed this.  

 "Yeah." Whispering I could feel the tears. 

 "It's been more then three mouths, your over him right?" 

 "Yeah, but." I didn't know how to tell I to her. "I don't want to fall for anyone, no one, I was going to be a crazy cat lady." I could feel the tear coming. 

 "Naming them after people from characters your favorite books?" she asked I could help but giggle. She knew me to well. 


 "You're over him but you are afraid of being in love?" I rolled my eyes at her. It sounds so stupid. 

 "Or being hurt because I was stupid and fell in love." the tears where now falling not stopping them now. I wasn't crying because of Conner I was crying because I was scared.  

 "Abbs, fall in love, take a chance, it could end bad or it could end amazing." I wiped my checks.  

 "Promise me you will, or at less try?" 

 "For you, I will." I pulled her into a huge hug. There was a knock on the door. 

 "Come in!" Allison said as I whipped my eyes. 

 "Are you guys ready?" A Irish voice filled the air I could hear footsteps coming closer. 

 "Yeah." said Allison.

 "Almost." You could tell by my voice I was crying. 

 "Allison?" I said "Can you ask Ana to hand you my bathroom pack that with my other traveling bags from Monday." 

 "Yeah... For Monday?" I forgot to tell her. 

 "Yeah, I have some huge news to tell you at dinner." Nice thinking I said covering up the fact it have not yet told her. 

 "If it that you like..." she cut off see Niall was still in the room. 

 "It's cool, Niall is my new bestest friend." I smiled at him. 

 "So, he know how you fell about Zayn?" 

 "Girl he knew before I did." I laughed.

 "Oh, good to know." she said leaving the room with her thinking face on.  

 "Abbey, my love, are you fine?" Niall asked.

 "Niall, if I ask you something will you answer as if your not friends with Zayn?" 

 "I'll do my best." he said walking over and standing in front of me. 

 "Is Zayn a 'good guy'?" I said putting finger quotes around 'good guy'.

 "Here's the thing when he likes someone, he dose his best to show that. And really cares for them." He said.

 "Sounds like your friends." I said winking at him then letting out a deep breathe. 

 "Fall, he'll catch you." He sounded like he believed what he was saying.

 "And if he dosen't?" I was looking right at him.  

 "Then, I will." He said pulling me off the bed into a hug. 

 I was sitting on the ground waiting for the guys to finish packing the back of the car. The guys didn't bring all there stuff because we're coming back Sunday afternoon to pack up so we can hit the road Monday morning. 

 "It's all in." Lou's voice came ring thought the air as he the front door.

 "Allison!" I yelled. I went to get up right when someone offered my their hand. I looked up and was meet by a part of soft hazel eyes. I placed my hand into his. He slowly pulls me up but doesn't let go of my hand. I forgot that there was other people in the room until Harry made a fake coughing sound. 

 Next, I head a smacking sounds. I turned around to see Harry rubbing the back of his head were Allison popped him. Some of the guys chuckled. 

 "What was that for?" He said looking taking aback. 

 "They we're having a moment and you ruined it." I couldn't help but giggle. 

 "Allison." I said pulling my hand out of Zayn then walked her away from Harry. 

 "Don't Allison me." she said as she stopped then taking me by the hand and pulling me back to Zayn; taking both our hands she looped our fingers together so we are once aging holding hands. I could help but blush. 

 "Let's get going." Liam spooked heading to the door. I picked up my keys as I shut the door I hear foot steps fading. I let out a deep breathe.  

 "We're not that bad, are we?" Looking up hazel eyes meet mine. 

 "No, you guys aren't that bad." I was about to walk away but he stopped me as we're still holding hands. 

 "Abbey." He began but another voice called us to come join them. I smiled as sweetly as I could. 

 "Come on we better go." 

 We got to the car and stopped. Their was three sets in back and two up front but there was seven all together. 

 "I'm driving!" Laim said before any one. 

 "Hey, it's my car!" waved the keys I could hear giggles and mons. 

 "Umm, Harry, Loise, and Liam, you guys can ride in back." I said taking lead "Niall you can sit on their laps. Zayn you can ride up front..." 

 "Hey, I want to ride up front?" said Harry making a puppy dog face. I rolled my eyes. 

 "Allison you ride in back and Harry you up front." 

 "Never mind, I'm in back!" said Harry making Allison blush. 

 "Then Allison..." I started.

 "I'll ride up front?" offered Niall.

 "Sure, I don't care let's just get going." I said.

 We all got in, all I can say is that I'm glad I was driving. Zayn and Niall was smashed trying to share the front seat and in back Allison was in the middle of Harry and Liam but she didn't seem to mind. Everyone was talking at once but I kept looking back at Harry and Allison. 

 "What way now?" I said not remember if Laim had said right or left at the last stop light. No one heard me. 

 "Liam!" I yelled. The car went quite and everyone just looked at me. 

 "Thank you." I said "Now, left or right?" 

 "Right." Laim said. From a moment everyone was quite but soon they began taking softly. Niall could tell I was still a bit upset because he reached over and placed a hand on my arm. I turning looking at him he gave me a sweet smile and I returned one best I could. 

 We pulled in front of the amazing white house. The guys grabbed the bags. Harry went to open the door but it was locked. He rises his eyebrows at us. 

 "Here!" Liam said tossing his mate key. Nobody thought twice about it. The place was wonderful; green plants, pretty paints, soft wood floors, cream soft walls. It was a dream right from a magazine. 

 "Who's rooming with who?" asked Lou.

 "Wherever?" said Laim.

 "I want to share with Alli..." Harry started to say.

 "Allison and I are together!" I said cutting Harry off. 

 "Sorry." she said winking at him then wrapped her arms around me. We headed up stairs there was three rooms on the side right on the other side was three doors. Lou opened in the first one. 

 "Office." he said then walked to then next one. 

 "Bathroom." he slowly pushed open the last one. He froze there. Didn't move, say or do anything; for a second I thought maybe he wasn't even breathing. 

 "What?" said Harry walking up behind him. 

 "Oh my..." said Allison who was now looking into. As me and the others go closer you could see a T.V the hook up half of the wall. To the left the wall had selves after selves on movies. As you looked closer you could see a Wii, Xbox, and that was just the start. There was a popcorn maker on the other side and so much more; it was more the amazing. 

 "This is my room!" Niall yelled running in before anyone could. 

 "No, you can room with me and the other lades in that one and the girls in there." Liam said pointing lastly to the middle room. 

 After our suitcase were place on our rooms, I head out to the back deck. It was huge painted a soft white. To the right was a big deck table with eight chairs around it. In the cover of the left was a bar table but it could easily be used as a DJ table. Witch minded me that Ana was coming Saturday. 

 I sent her a text telling here to bring her Mac because there was a perfect spot for her to DJ for us. She said she would be more then happy to. 

 The waves were rolling up on to the sand it was after three in the afternoon as I listened to the sound of the world around me I heard footsteps behind then a hand placed on my arm. I turned not expecting to see Zayn; he hasn't said much after I snapped at him about my writing. 

 "Nice here, huh?" he asked.

 "The sound reminds me of..." I realized I was talking out load and stopped looking down. 

 "Of what?" he asked.

 "Of when I realized I liked you." I said still looking down but I made myself look up. He had a small smile that made me want to smile.

 "Really?" He said.

 I just shook my head yes.

 "Abbey?" Zayn said.


 "About earlier?" 

 "I'm sorry, it just, with my writings..." I trailed off then I gave him a 'I'm sorry hug".

 "It's fine, really." I smiled a silly smile and smashed my face into his chess, laughting. 

 "You two, what you want for dinner?" Liam asked as he rised him eyebrows; all I did was wink at him. 

 "What's dose the others want?" I said I wasn't really in the mood to leave Zayn. I told my sister and myself that I wasn't going to let fear stand in my way of life any more starting with letting myself falling slowly for Zayn and then the other parts of my life. My writing, last; every last. 

 "Mexican, chines or there's a fish place around here?" Liam said.

 "Any thing but chines, not in the mood for that." I said.

 "Seafood sounds good." said Zayn his arms still wrapped around me. I could hear Niall saying he wanted seafood. 

 "You know what, seafood sounds amazing." I said.

 "Seafood wins by one vote!" Laim yelled into the house. 

 "Who was the one vote, I'm tossing them in the water." said Louise. He looked between Zayn and I. I gave him a smile that read it was me; then stuck out my tung. He started towards me like he was really going to toss me in. I felt Zayn arms squeeze as I squeezed him harder. I looked up; Zayn was giving louise a dear-you-to look. I stuck out my tung again.

 Giggles slipped out of me. Louise was smart he change his mind. "I'll get you." he said walking off. Liam went back in said after we told him what we wanted. 

 "Want to walk?" Zayn asked titling his he towards the beach. 

 "Sure, let me tell Allison." 

 I walked in to the living to fine only three people, Harry, Niall, Allison. She was once again stuck in the middle but still didn't mind. I came closer to her, I was now standing behind the couch and said 

 "I'm going for a walk, get me when the food is here, okay?" They all looked at me. 

 "Sure." Allison said I was about to turn when she grabbed my hand she lifted her eyebrows at me. I just nodded my head yes; know she was wanting to know of Zayn was coming. I was about to leave but then thought of something. "Niall?" he turned and looked at me . 

 "Yes, lovely?" 

 "Don't leave Harry alone with my sister." I said you could tell a part of me was joking when another part wasn't. Then I winked at Harry. 

 "Oi! I'm not that bad." he said. 


"Not even if a ice cream truck brook down right out front and was giving all the ice cream away for free?" I smiled a little and pointed a finger at him. 

"Nope... Well, maybe if you saved me some."I smiled.

 "Sure; like that's going to happen." he said rolling his eyes .  

 Heading back outside the view took my breath away and Zayn wasn't helping ether. When I got next to Zayn I took my Iphone out I took a quite photo and tweeted "It's amazing, it's it?" 

 I was about to put it away when Zayn took it from my hands and pulled me next to him. 

 "Smile!" he said it wasn't hard to smile with Zayn there. He took it then handed it back to me. I look nice but Zayn no words came. He took it back looked at the photo he was now smiling to himself. 

 "What?" I had to ask.

 "Uh, you look good." he said not looking at me. I even think his face went a bit pink. I took back my phone putting it away. I grabbed his hand pulling him farther on to the beach. Our hands hooked together, the sun was just about to began to set. We walked a bit in quietness just like we did on our date. Zayn poked my side with his free hand making me scream with laughter my free hand flew up coving my mouth. 

 He blasted out in giggles. I slipped my hand free; I crossed them over my chess. He slowly stopped laughing. 

 "What?" he was acting like he hadn't done anything. I slowly walked to him a little smile spreading over my face. He was eyeing me trying to figure out what I was going to do or what I was thinking but before I could figure that out myself.  

 Zayn stared tickling me I took a few steps back then I took off run but I wasn't that fast I was just slowly run in a playful mood. He grabbed my shirts pulling me to him; he then tripped over my foot making him fall into the sand. He still had hold of my shirt causing me to land right on top of him. It was just like a movie seen, a part of a book; I thought to myself. I look towards him lips; take the chance I hear a voice in my head say so I did.  I could feel a smile under my lips. Pulling a way, I smiled; a smile was on his face to. 

 "Come on!" I said pushing up off him. I reached my hand down he grabbed it when he did his fingers brush over the bracelet he gave me. His smile grew bigger when he seen it. He kissed my forehead and then pulled me to walk with him.  

 Five minutes went by before I heard voices calling my name and Zayn's name. It was Allison and Harry. We turned walking to them. Still hand in hand with Zayn as they go to us. 

 "Foods here." Allison said my tummy rumbled right a way. 

 "Wait?" I looked between Harry and my sister. 

 "Where's Niall?" I asked picking on Harry; he rolled his eyes at me. 

 "Food." is all he said. Allison and I looped arms as Harry draped his arm over my sisters shoulders. I didn't say or do anything. I really do think Harry is a good guy and all but I'm her big sister and no guy will ever be good for her.  

 Zayn pokes me bring me back to the real world when we where back at the beach house. 

 "Huh?" when I look at him he just smiled at me. At this moment everything seemed happy uncrazy.  

 Allison started giggle I looked over to her; she and Harry sitting side by side he had just whispered something to her. We're eating outside the waves where smash and there was not a single bug around. I took a set next to Niall who sat in front of my sister and Harry. Louis sat on the other side of Harry and in front of him was Laim who sat on the other side of Niall.  

 Zayn went to pull his hand away to sit in front of my but I took my free hand and tapped the set next to me with a smile he sat. 

 Half way though eating Allison took me by surpies. 

 "So, sis what's the news you have to tell me?" I really thought she had forgotten; most of the time she would have keep asking intel I would tell her but this time she waited. Mostly because she had something, or should I say someone to keep her mind off it.

 "Oh, umm yeah." I could feel many, many eyes on my right now. It's not that I didn't want her to know, I did but I didn't want her to freak out, plus I wanted to tell my parents first but I know she'll beat me to that if I told her. Oh well. 

 "Well?" She said.

 "Oh, yeah, I'm these guys ummm, I work for them. I make sure they get where they need to be and stay out of trouble." she just sits there looking at me not blinking or anything. 

 "So yeah, I'm going in tour with them and stuff." I say trying to cover up the oddness of my sister not saying anything. Still she's just sat there. I kicked her under the table. 

 "Ouch!" she said then glares at me then a evil little smile spreads across her light pink lips. 

 "And here I thought it was all because of Zayn." the heat fly to my face if it was dark out you could probable see my face light up like a red stop light. I kicked her again so I thought. 

 "Oi! What did I do?" it was Harry who I had kicked. 

 "Sorry." I said I could hear giggled from other parts of the table. 

 "So no three times the A charm this weekend?" asked Allison. 

 I froze and once more I could feel so eyes looking at me. 

 "No...Ana, Allison and Abbey weekend but she'll be hear Saturday night." 

 "What's three times the A charm?" asked Niall 

 "Umm, well when Allison first came to visit me she gave me, Ana and her that name." 

 "Cause there's three of us and all are names start with A." said Allison. 

 "Oh, Cool." Niall said.

 As everyone finished eating I offered to clean up. I was mostly trash because we ate out. I heard a cracking sound and turned to find Niall walking to me with a bag of potato chips in hand. He can eat. 

 "Hey!" He said.


 "Are you alright?" 

 "Yea'" I sat tossing some trash away "Just thinking." 

 "About?" He said eating more chips. 

 "What you said about Zayn." I said.


 "I think I'll fall." I couldn't help but smile when I said it out load. 

 "Good!" he said wrapping me in a huge hug. I couldn't help but feel a nice warm heat from his arms cover mine. 

 "Thank you." I said pulling away. 

 As we walked back inside after I finished picking up. Everyone was in different rooms. Harry, Allison and Louis was all in the living room chatting as a movie played. Zayn and Liam was talking in the kitchen. I walked in stopping next to Zayn a bumped him with my shoulder; looking at me a sent butterflies in to my tummy. 

 "Who wants to watch a movie?" Allison said.

 We all agreed that it would be nice to chill watching a movie and crashing soon because tomorrow night we're having a small party. We all plopped on to the huge couch but an hour in I couldn't stand bing smash any long. We where almost half way though the movie when I got up and left. 

 "Hey." said a voice that made me jump. 

 "Hey." said I to the boy who was now walking to me. 

 "You wanna going outside." I said grabbing a blanket of the bed and wrapping it around me. 

 "Sure." Zayn said grabbing my hand. As we stepped out you could really smell the ocean; there was a soft breeze. It was a bit cold out. 

 "Here?" Zayn said pulling me with him as we headed off the porch to a beach lounge chair that was off to the side. We both sat on the side.

 "Zayn?" I said.


 "Sorry about the whole book thing." I was really starting to feel bad.

 "I said its fine, love. but for the recoded I thought it was really good." 

 "It's just." I didn't want to talk about Conner but I felt I need to tell him why. 

 "It's just my ex never cared and when he did read it he just said it was okey or that it need work so I stop sharing years ago so I don't like people..." 

 "Abbey, one I'm not him. Two, I understand, when you're ready you'll share." he said cutting me off. I place my head on his shoulder. After a few minuets Zayn moved back on the chair pulling me back with him. We laid like that for quite sometime as it got a bit colder I cover Zayn and I up with the blanket. As I feel asleep I felt him kiss the top of my head.

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