Never Know (1D Fanfic)

It all started when I was late for a work meeting to covering myself and and a stranger in coffee.... A trip home that wouldn't leave me the same person; all with a dash of drama! All while working for One Direction!


24. A Blushing Interview

Just wanted to say a fast thanks to everyone who has been reading this, really dose me a lot to me!


     KayCee K.


Waking up late didn't make me believe that I wouldn't mess this up. Showing up just in time for the interview, didn’t help either. They guys have been doing interview for quite so time but this was the first one that I was a part one; you’d think I was the one who was going to be interviewed. I was stilling next to Zayn who placed his hand on my leg and said.

"Your doing great." I smiled at him when a lady came in.

"You guys ready?" She asked looking around the room. I got up and looked at the guys.

"Yes, they are."

"Okay, so just wait there until they call you out." She said pointing to a stop next to the stage opening.

"Thank you." The guys and I said at the same time. They walked over and waited. I keep an eye on them making sure they are behaving. I was watching them Zayn looked back at me, my face started to go a bit red. He smiled at me witch made me smile. As they walked out I turned and watched the interview; so far so good. Towards the end of the interview I thought it was going to go south.

"So I have a question." asked the interviewer she turned her head to the screen behind them and I almost die there it showed a photo of me and Zayn from are shopping trip weeks ago. He had his arm around me. They zoomed into the photo. Now the camera is looking at each of the guys. Niall and Harry are giggling to themselves. Niall spoke up first saying

"That's Abbey, she now work with us, making sure we get where we need, keeps us out of trouble."

"She's kinda like a babysitter." Said Louis. My face redden; good thing no one was around.

"Any of you guy have a crush on your 'babysitter'?" Said the interviewer. As she puts finger quotes around the word babysitter. My face reddens more with blush.

So glad no one is around. Few of the guys giggle and looked at Zayn whose faces was a bit blushed too.

"Huh, yeah she a real good friend of ours now." Sail Niall

"It's nice having someone who’s closer to are age with us." Said Laim. Zayn rubbed the back of his head.

"So, any crushers here?" She asked again.

"Well there is one of us who might..." Louis started but was elbowed in the side by Harry. Harry was trying to make up for the mess last night.

It felt like everyone was looking at Zayn now. Even I found myself wanting to know what he was going to say but then a part of me wanted to run out there and save him.

"Umm." A deep voice started "We have become close mates in the last few weeks." He said looking at the floor but you could see a smile.

"She'll be on tour with you guys all the time, right?"

"Yea, pretty much." I few of them answered.

She tried to get a bit more out of the guys about me but all she got was my name and how we meet; good thing the left out the covered on coffee part. Finally the end came.

"Smiles to smirks, the guys of 1D are about to hit the road playing shows all over the world. Send us your photos and they may just make it onto are show next time there here."

Fans screamed and yell.

"Guys any last words." she asked pointing to the camera.

"Love ya guys." Said Harry and Niall said

"Tweet us." Said Louis

"Thank you to all are fans" said Laim

"See you at the shows." Spoke Zayn.


They headed back to where I was sitting. I was trying all I could to make my blushing go away. Everyone acted as if they were busy doing something when Zayn walked in last. He stopped in front of me. It's was a little odd at first but then he smiled and so did I. 

“So…” I said. Looking at him then the floor.

“Yeah…” he said. I knew that the other guys were now looking at us.

“Who wants lunch?” Ask Niall. Clapping a hand on to Zayn’s shoulder; we agreed. As we walked out Zayn playfully bumped his shoulder into mine.

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