Fall in love twice 2: engaged and forever and always

This will make a lot of sence if you read the first book fall in love twice. So I do hope you like it!!!:)


16. The TEST

The next morning. ANA PROV. I woke up and I still had on my puffy wedding dress. I turned and saw Harry. "good morning Mrs.Styles" he said. I smiled I loved hearing that Mrs.Styles. "good morning husband" I told him. He smiled and gave me a quick kiss. I got up and changed into some jeans and a shirt. I ran downstairs and made Harry some yummy breakfast. "Harry breakfast is ready" I yelled. We wernt home though we were on our honeymoon. We were in Paris. He came downstairs. He gave me a kiss on the cheek. He ran onto the table. "yum" he said smiling as he took a bite of my eggs. I grabbed my plate and took a bite too. Then I felt like I was going to....! I ran into the restroom and threw up. Harry walked into the room. "hey love are you..? He asked. "no please go away" I yelled. He walked out. I got up and washed my mouth. I walked back downstairs. Harry was there eating. I smiled because he was eating my food and enjoying it. Apperantly not like me! The honeymoon was only 2 days. Those 2 days I was sick! After those days I was home again. I was on my way. Then we parked at a beautiful big house. But I didn't recongnize it though. Harry opened the door and said "new life new house". I ran and hugged him. He spun me around. I smiled and kissed him on the cheek. I walked in and the first thing I got to do in my new house was throw up in it. I cried. He walked in. "what's wrong Mrs. Styles" he said smiling. "I just keep throwing up throwing up and I just don't know why" I told him. "you do have a doctors appointment so maybe he can tell you what's wrong" he said smiling. I smiled it was dark now. I walked into our bed. Then we fell asleep. I woke up and threw up in the middle of the night. Then I went fell back asleep. The next morning. HARRY PROV. Angie walked into the doctors room. I sat there bored. About 20 minutes passed then a fan came up to me. "oh my gosh it's Harry styles can I have your autograph"? She asked. I smiled "sure". I picked up the pen and wrote my signature on the picture of me. Then Ana walked towards me slowly. "Harry" she said quietly. "what" I said confused. "I might be pregnant the doctor wants me to take the test" I said. I stopped. My heart stopped. I drove her home without a word. She walked into the restroom with the test. ANA PROV. after I peed on the stick. I waited there for about 20 minutes. Then I grabbed it and looked at it then I dropped it......
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