Fall in love twice 2: engaged and forever and always

This will make a lot of sence if you read the first book fall in love twice. So I do hope you like it!!!:)


10. Now planning the wedding

THE NEXT DAY. It was time to plan the wedding.i had to find a wedding planner. I knew who my bridesmaids are. They are Danielle and Erika and perrie. Of course my maid of honor is eleanor. When it old her the news she hugged me. I told zayn,Liam,and Niall they were all going to be in the wedding. Of course Louis because he was his best man. I still had to do a lot. I'm think Harry knows my favorite kind of flowers are white roses. Our wedding color is purple. He is so sweet so he let the wedding color be my favorite color. I also had to find dresses. There was a lot to do we both agreed that the wedding would be in July. It would be at sunset. It was going to be so beautiful. HARRY PROV. Ana has the whole wedding covered. But I would love to help her. I hope she will let me. I love her so much. I just hope she will love the wedding. I walked to the store. Not a lot of people were there. I walked towards the flowers to buy Ana her white roses. I know that is her favorite flower. When I walked towards it I saw a women that looked familiar. "hey it's me Stephanie" she told me. "uh hi" I said. Now I remembered her from the wedding. "how have you been a day ago" she laughed. I just smiled. "here's my number call me" she said then gave me a paper. Before I could say anything she walked away. I bought the rose and went to the house.
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