Fall in love twice 2: engaged and forever and always

This will make a lot of sence if you read the first book fall in love twice. So I do hope you like it!!!:)


12. Not enough time

ANA PROV. I ran upstairs to get into some sweats. I put on a tantop too. I ran back downstairs and sat on the couch by myself. I turned on the TV. I just say there. I miss having Harry with me all the time. He always has to do something or always has to be somewhere! I heard someone come downstairs. It was Niall. "hello love" he said smiling. "hey Niall" I said sadly. "what's wrong love" he said as he put my chin up. I tried to smile. "well Harry is on a date" I said. "but I thought he was with you and you guys were getting married" he asked. "he said the only reason he's going is to let her down easy" I said with my head down. "it's okay" he said then he put my head up and looked into my eyes. I remember telling him how beautiful his eyes were.I smiled and hugged him and said "thanks Niall". He said " glad to help" then his girlfriend came down. She started to talks to him. I smiled and walked upstairs. I called Harry "hey Harry Im really sorry but I love you and I want you right now I want to hug you and kiss you" I told him. "I'm on my way beautiful love" he said. About 20 minutes later. Harry walked through the door. I ran up to him and hugged him. I ran up to him and hugged and kissed him. HARRY PROV. Ana came up to me and hugged and kissed me. I haven't been spending enough time with her. "please promice me you will spend more time with me" she told me. "of course beautiful love" I told her. She smiles and kissed me. Then I got a phone call. "hello" I said. "hello Harry guess what you and the boys are going to go on tour" my manager said. I walked up to Ana. "hey what's wrong" she asked me. I looked sad I knew she could tell I was sad. I just couldn't tell her the news! "uh sorry uh I have to go on tour" I told her.
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