Fall in love twice 2: engaged and forever and always

This will make a lot of sence if you read the first book fall in love twice. So I do hope you like it!!!:)


3. Moving in together???

He smiled at me and said "Angie I love you more than anything I the world please will you be with me". I smiled and helped him up and hugged him "I love you Harry". I looked into his big beautiful green eyes. I kissed him. "do you want to live with me" he said starting to laugh. "I would love too" I smiled and laughed. We went upstairs. He moved my stuff out of niall's room and into Harry's too
. I sat on Harrys bed. I called Niall "hey Niall guess what"! "what happened love"? He asked. "I moved to Harrys room I love him and he loves me too"! I said. "great" he said. But he didn't sound happy. "well bye" I said then hung up. I walked downsatairs and hugged Harry. "Niall didn't seem so happy about the news" I told him. "it okay" he said. I heard a knock. It was the boys. "hey" I said happy. They all said hey happily. Except Niall. I tried to smile but it came out fake. I ran upstairs. I started to curl my hair. When I finished I put on makeup. We all went out for dinner. Because it was a fancy place I had to wear a fancy dress. We all sat down. I held Harry's hand. Then we ordered. Niall took the longest! I giggled when he ordered it was just so much! I smiled and let go of Harry's hand. All the boys brought their dates flowers. Even Niall had a date! Harry brought me flowers. I smelt then and hugged him. "thank you I love you" I said while I kissed him. I grabbed a flower and gave it to him. He smiled. I loved his smile it just felt so comforting! After we ate. We all went into a giant limo. When we got to the house everyone went into their rooms. I walked into Harry's room. Then he walked in. I smiled and said "thank you you are the best"! He smiled and started to kiss me. An hour later. I got up because I had to go restroom. I Had Harry's t-shirt on. I walked out of the room trying not to wake Harry. I walked downstairs. I saw Niall. "hey Niall why are you here you have a girl here" I asked him. "uh no reason I don't really like her" he said. I grabbed some water and drank it. "goodnight Niall" I said then walked upstairs. When owner into the room Harry was awake. He didn't have a shirt on. "hey Harry sorry for waking you" I told him. He smiled and said "it's okay love I like being awake to hold you". Smiled and layed down and hugged him. Then I dozed off. The next morning. I woke up and Harry was still there. He didn't leave me like Niall! Or maybe he was just lazy. I got dressed and walked downstairs. Eleanor, Danielle, niall's girl, and perrie were all there. "hey" I said to them all. They all smiled and said hi back. Niall's girl had lipstick smears on her face. She was wearing a pink messed up sparkly dress. Her makeup was messed up. Her hair was too. She only had one high heel on. Wow the rest looked great. I smiled and nodded awkwardly. But all my feelings for Niall were gone. I ran upstairs and saw Harry we was getting dressed. I ran up and kissed him on the cheek. I smiled.
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