Fall in love twice 2: engaged and forever and always

This will make a lot of sence if you read the first book fall in love twice. So I do hope you like it!!!:)


11. Her

ANA PROV. Wow was this a busy week! I found a wedding planner. I told her all my ideas. She said they were all great ideas. I drove back home to eat because I was so hungry! I ate meat. It was good but I had to eat alone. Harry was at a concert. And of course so were the boys. Sadly but happily for them Louis and Eleanor moved out. I miss them. Liam and Danielle are thinking of moving out together. I don't think zayn and perrie have really talked about it. After I was done eating I grabbed my keys and went to the dress place. All the other girls met me there. We picked out some really preatty purple dresses. But I just couldn't find my wedding dress. Then is aw this big beautiful puffy one. I tried it on. I knew it was the one. The day is July 22.
HARRY PROV. I looked at the number. Maybe I should let her down easy on the phone. I called the number. "hello I knew you'd call me" she said happy. "uh I need to talk to you" I said. "tonight dinner 8:30 meet you there at the resteraunt on cater street" she told me then hung up. O ran in stage. After the concert. It was 8:00 i drive home. "hello beautiful" i told ana. "hey I missed you all day" she said as she hugged me.ANA PROV. "so how was today" I asked him. "sad because you wernt with me" he said. I smiled and kissed him. I kissed him more and more. Then he stopped me. "what's wrong babe" I asked. "uh I have to go uh on uh a uh date" he said. "WAIT WHAT!!!!a DATE" I said scared. "no it's not what you think I have to go to tell her nothing is going to happen" he explained. I tried to smile "I'm sorry I freaked out I believe you " I hugged him and started to kiss him. "I love you so much" I told him. "I love you too love" he said.
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