Fall in love twice 2: engaged and forever and always

This will make a lot of sence if you read the first book fall in love twice. So I do hope you like it!!!:)


1. Gone

Quickly I called Niall "hey Niall where are you guys"? "umm were are here looking for Harry he ran away". I hung up and ran downstairs to get my keys. My keys werent there! She had them! "where you maybe looking for these"! I grabbed my phone. She grabbed it and threw it. Then I heard it vibrating. I ran towards it. It was Harry. I reached for it. Then she grabbed it and answered it. "hello". He hung up. I ran upstairs and used the house phone. I called Harry. "hey Harry PLz PLz help me" I said. "okay we are on our way" he said. "who are you talking too look missy in going to marry Harry and kick you out of this house" she said. I walked in Harry's room. I grabbed her clothes and threw it downstairs. I heard a knock I opened the door and saw Harry and the boys. I hugged Harry "thank you thank you so much". I let go. "you need to get out of this house" he told her. She got mad and left with her clothes. "Ana can I talk to you" he told me. "sure" I said. "did u mean what you said in the phone call"? "uh-" I said. "no I get it you didn't it okay cuz I don't feel you that way either" he said fast. "I-I ya okay" I said. I walked downsatairs.
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