Fall in love twice 2: engaged and forever and always

This will make a lot of sence if you read the first book fall in love twice. So I do hope you like it!!!:)


4. Engaged

1 year later. Now that I think about it me and Harry have been together a long time! But he still lights up my world. Niall had now started his relationship with the blonde. Her name was Erika. She was nice. I liked her. I got to know perrie and Danielle and Eleanor. We're all preatty close. But none of us really knew erika. We still said hi and had small talk. I still didn't have much but it was only because I wouldn't let Harry buy me anything. Me and Harry have a charity together.its for children with cancer. We loved to help! Harry wants me tonight a 8:30pm but I have no idea why. Oh ya and Eleanor and Louis's wedding is in 2 weeks. I'm so super happy for them. Her bridesmaids are Danielle, her sister, and I guess niall's GF. I'm her best women I guess is what it's called. Louis's best man is Harry. We are all going to be in the wedding. Wow was the wedding going to be fun. Today we ladies are going to go check out the place. I ran outside into the car. Danielle and Eleanor and Erika were all in the car. I jumped in and said "hey". They all said then we drove to the place. It was a giant place. We walked into a big big giant room. "this room is for the ceremony" I heard Eleanor say. All us girls smiled. The she should us The ball room. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever saw in my whole life! I smiled and said "it just so beautiful". She smiled and hugged me "this is going to be the best wedding ever". She also hugged Danielle. She felt kinda awkward to hug Erika. She just smiled at her. Next we went to go pick it the dresses. We all walked in. It was huge! Even the dressing rooms. You could live in one of them! Eleanor tried on a lot of dresses. But she and us all knew which one she had to get married in when we first saw it. We all knew it was the one. Now it was time to pick our dresses. "first what's your wedding color" I asked her. She smiled and said "because Louis red". Okay I guess red dresses I thought. We wore almost all of them but couldn't find the one. Then we saw this beautiful one. We ordered 3 of that dress. And 1 of the beautiful wedding dress. "sorry guys I have to go meet Harry somewhere bye love you guys" I ran and hugged Danielle and Eleanor. "bye Ana I'll see you later when we go shopping" danielle said. I smiled and nodded. Of course Erika didn't say a word. I walked out of the car and into mine.I saw them leave as I started the car.I drove to the house to put on a nice dress. Then I ran back into the car. I drove to the resteraunt Harry told me to. I went to the front desk and they led me to the table with Harry. I sat down. "hey babe" I gave him a kiss on the cheek. He smiled and said "babe I love you with all my heart and I know I tell you that everyday but that is still not enough". I smiled and said " thank but why are you saying all this" I asked. He knelt down and said "Ana will you marry me"?
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