Immortal Love

Well it will be really fun reading this poem if you are in love.


1. lOVE!!!!!!!

The very next moment, I saw our face

My life turned on to a complicated phase.

Towards you I am attracted,

And for always distracted.

You are the one about whom i often think,

And when my eyes are on you, they hardly blink.

About you, i fantasize

And will do anything for you, at any price.

Even if u act sarcastic,

For me you are just fantastic!

If i talk about you, well there will be extravagant praises

And the praises will last even after ages.

Because for me you are forever going to be the same

And to be with you all my life is my one and only aim.

For your comforts,

I will put all my efforts.

And will go beyond my limit,

Without caring about myself, NOT EVEN A BIT!

Even if from me,  you want to be evaded

I still wont lose hope and will try to get you persuaded

Your voice is so appealing

It carries a handful of feelings.

From every hurdle, I will get through

Hence one fine day, I WILL BE WITH YOU!


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