True love

17 year old Allie, travels to Oregon every summer to visit her family. This year a unexpected person enters her life. And she thinks it's her true love


5. Passion

His kiss was passionate and soft. " sorry I had to get u to shut up" he said. I giggled and I leaned in and kissed him again this time longer and the moment was ruined by Louis. " Ewww u guys are so discusting. We kept kissing until Louis left ad then we began laughing. We went down stairs and Louis had already told the other guy what we did. " Morning love birds" said Niall as we entered the kitchen. Harry gave Louis a mean look. " Do u know the guys?" Harry asked. Of course I know u guys I screamed back.
Zayn jawaad Malik
Louis William tomlinson
Liam James Payne
Naill James horan
And u my sweetheart Harry Edward Styles!!! I listens to ur songs all the time!!!! I had to get home back to grandma. " Harry can u drive me home?" " I can't I'm sorry ask zayn" answered Harry. "
" yeah sure I'll drive u" zayn said. I got into zayn's car and we left. As usual I was talking nonstop and when we got there "Thanks zayn" I said. I looked at him and he kissed me. I kissed him back I don't know why finally I pulled back and saw Harry.
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