True love

17 year old Allie, travels to Oregon every summer to visit her family. This year a unexpected person enters her life. And she thinks it's her true love


4. Meeting him..

Harry!! " Harry Styles?" I ask. "Yeah, u know me?" Of course I know u who doesn't?!!" Harry have me his number and I was soooo happy!!! I texted him all day and he finally found the guts to ask me to come over to his house to watch a movie. And of course I said yes so the next day I got up and went to his hotel. When I got there, I knocked and Louis opened the door. " Are u a fan and do u like carrots?" he asked. " Actually I'm here for Harry" I said. They all looked confused. " Where I'd Harry? " He's upstairs" Niall said. " u can go up there if u want to zayn said I went up the stairs and saw harry in one of the rooms putting on a t shirt. " is it ok if I come in?" I ask "yeah sure" he says. I come in and sit on his bed. He sits by me. I start telling him about my family and I don't really notice I was talking nonstop! Finally he leaned in and kissed me!!
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