True love

17 year old Allie, travels to Oregon every summer to visit her family. This year a unexpected person enters her life. And she thinks it's her true love


2. Leaving

" Allie hurry you'll miss your flight" yelled my mom from down stairs. I was packing the last of my stuff when my mom stormed into my room. " I'm coming, I'm coming jeez!" I said. I got into the car and was drove to the airport. When I got there my plane was already birding do I didnt have much time. I kissed my mom and ran to my flight number. I was surrounded
By weird people. The man to my right was looking at me with big open eyes, I was confused, and the other man to my left was snoring. I was so tired I got up and found a different seat. I was finally getting some sleep when a flight attendant comes up to me. " Would u like a drink?" she asks. Honestly I wanted to say did u not see me dickens sleeping??!! Finally after what seemed forever I got to Oregon! I got off the plane and saw a giant sign that said welcome back Allie!!!
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