True love

17 year old Allie, travels to Oregon every summer to visit her family. This year a unexpected person enters her life. And she thinks it's her true love


3. Getting settled

When I saw the sign I saw my grandma standing behind it I ran to her and huged her. We went to her house and I got my own room like every year. Then I took all my clother and put them in the closet for I am staying the whole summer!! I saw my uncle and I was happy to see my family but I wanted to go for a walk. I went to Starbucks and got a frapacino and as I was leaving I bumped into this guy and got the frapacino all over my self. He help me clean up. " Thanks " I said I started to leave when he grabbed my arm and turned me around and that's when I saw it! His amazing lips, his amazing smile, his amazing lips. It was...
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