True love

17 year old Allie, travels to Oregon every summer to visit her family. This year a unexpected person enters her life. And she thinks it's her true love


6. Argument

He began to walk away. I got out of the car and chased him into some woods. Finally he stopped and started to cry. I came up to him and kissed him he pulled back ur with zayn he said. " that all was a misunderstanding." He was sitting and leaning agenst a tree. I sat on his lap and kissed him and he began kissing me. We sat there kissing and zayn caught up to us and saw us. I saw him too. " zayn wat we did was a mistake I'm so sorry." I said he left. I got up and went " Harry ima go talk to him" I ran after zayn and when I reached him I grabbed his hand. " stop!" I yelled. He turned around " what do u want he said I pushed him and he fell leaning on a tree we began talking. " run run I Heard Harry scream I got up grabbed zayn's hand and began running. We ran out of the woods and into my grandmas house we locked the doors and slid to sit on the floor behind the door. " what was it ?" I asked holding Harry's hand and tilting my head on his shoulder. " Fans crazy fans started coming from all directions. I had to run then I saw u two and I had to warn u so yeah love." he answered. That's when my grandma came in the living room!
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