Fishes in love

Morgana isn't a normal everyday girl. In fact she is only half human. When she sees a boy from the Brit boy band One Direction, she falls deeply in love with him. Will she ever become normal to meet him?


3. Transformation

"Morganaaaa! It's time for Breakfaaaast!", my mom calls from down stairs.
I get out of bed and swim downstairs. I sit at the big dimond table in the middle of the dinning area. My parents at seated on each side Of the table. I sit down. The waiters and waitresses bein in different types of fruits. We start eating.
"Morgana, me and you Mom are going away for a little while. Your going to be staying with Emerald. Now I want you to be respectful and responsible. Dont wander off and get into trouble. You understand", he asked stirly.
"Yes dad", I say.
"When are you guys going?", I asked
"Today. After breakfast, you are excused from the table and go pack your things."
"Ok", I said.
I finished eating and swam up to my room. I changed my shell bra to a black one to go with my pearly pink tale. I think I got my color of my tale from my mom cos my dad has sea green. I packed up my other shell bras and my brush. I then went over to my vanity drawer and took out a tiny mirror. The mirror was special to me. I got it for my 17th birthday from Dillon. The mirror Acctually kept all my memories inside. If it ever gets broken, all of them will be lost forever.
I got my seaweed bag and put it on. Then I grabbed my pearl necklace and put it on. My mom called for me and I went downstairs and outside. I got in a carage with my dad and mom. It was being pulled by dolphins. Wait. Where is my dolphin?
"Dad. Where's pearl?"
"Emerald took her for you"
I didn't see her yesterday. It didn't realy come to mind until I saw the dolphins pulling us. Pearl was a gray dolphin with a pearl necklace around her. I made it for her. I Acctually saved her from a bunch of stupid teenagers. Including Kai. That's the whole reason I don't like him! We got to Emeralds coral house and the first thing I meet is Pearl.
"I get out with my bags and say goodbye. Then they head off.
"Hey Pearl", I say then rub her slimy skin.
He just makes a dolphin sound. Em comes outside with Dillon and they give me a hug.
"Hey guys!", I said.
"Hey. You can go in and up your stuff in my room. I need to go to the store to grab some things.", Em said.
"And I need to get home", Dillon said.
"Ok. I will be down at the clove to watch the surfing.", I said.
They both said ok and head off. I dropped my stuff and head for the cove.
I watched as the surfers went up. Again the last one was Liam. He was a hunk. He was winning. A big tidal wave came up over his head. He whipped out! He didn't come up for at least a minute! I swam out to away from the cove towards him. I swam as fast as my tail could. I found him floating down into the water. He was uncontious! I swam to him and picked him up under his arms. I brought him back to the cove. I pushed him ontop of the shore. He was still knocked out. I took my hands and pushed on his stomach. I pushed a couple times. He threw up all the salt water and woke up. He seemed a little woozy. Before he could see me. I jumped back into the water. I had to admit it. He was hot! Oh my clams! I forgot he couldn't get back to the beach! I swam back over to where he drowned. I got his surf board and went back to the cove. This time he was still woozy. I pushed his surfboard to shore and he got up and picked it up. I swam back under to get back to Ems house. I bumped into Dillon and we toppled to the sand. He blushed. I got up and saw Ems confused face.
"What the crab Morgi!", she said.
"Why are you swimming so fast?", Dillon asked.
"Well, iwaswatchingthesurfcompetitionandLiamdrowndedandsoisavdhimandhesuponthecove!", I said panicked.
They all liked at me confused and then got it.
"WHAT!?", they yelled.
"I'm sorry! I couldn't go back to the human! Plus he didn't see me!", I shout.
"I have an idea! My mom has a potion that can turn merpeople into humans! FOLLOW ME!", she said.
We followed her into her house and she went through a bunch of different colored bottles until she got to one with the color purple.
"Go up on the other side of he cove and then drink this. Once you do, you get let's and feet. You will be wearing a bikini the color of your tale.", she said.
"How long will this last?", I asked.
"Until you drink another potion. Now come on!"
We all swim back to the cove. Liam was still there. I sat down on the shore then drank it with Dillon and Em watching. I started transforming. The only part I felt was my tail splitting and my fins splitting. I had legs and toes! I was wearing a pearly pink bra and thong. Must be a bikini. Dillon and Em looked in awe.
"Try to get up and walk!", Em said.
I pushed my hands on the ground and stood up. I wobbled when I stood up and tried to walk. I go the hand of it and I was walking like a pro!
"Cool! Now go over there and check on him!", Em said.
Dillon tensed again. Here I go!
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