Fishes in love

Morgana isn't a normal everyday girl. In fact she is only half human. When she sees a boy from the Brit boy band One Direction, she falls deeply in love with him. Will she ever become normal to meet him?


2. The Surfer

We all headed down to the coral reef and Dillon bought us all sea berries like he said then we headed for our secret cove. We usually sat their and watched the surfing competitions. We all ate berries talked and watched as the surfers whipped out. The last competeter was a boy Named Liam Payne. I nave never heard or seen him before do he must be new to Florida. We all watched amazed as he got on top of the wave and never fell off. He was perfect at surfing. Plus he was kinda hot.
"Hey Morgi. What are you looking at", Dillon asks.
"Uh...",I say not knowing how to answer.
"She obviously likes that surfer isn't that right Morgi", Em says with payback on her face.
I blushed. I guess I was starring way to long. Dillon armed to tense when Em said that. Why? I only think of him as a friends. But I got to admit it. He is sorta cute. His blonde hair and how it shines in the sun and his emerald eyes. I think I'm sorta have a crush on him and and the surfer,Liam. What am I saying! He's my best friend!
I look back at the competition. Liam is holding a trophy. He must of won. He was wrapping his arm around a girl with curly brown hair. Must be his girlfriend. It kinda made me jelous but I didn't show any emotion.
" who's that girl by Liam?", Dillon asks.
"I don't know but some one has a crush on her!", Em teases in a high pitched voice.
Dillon blushes. I laugh.
"We should all get back home. The sun is setting and I need to be there before my dad goes barnackles and gets my mom stressed". We laugh and dive back in the water. We head for the palace. We say goodbye and I swim off to my room. I brush my dirty blonde hair and stare at my schocking pink irises and sing in the mirror. Not all mermaids have angelic voices. Only princes and princeses have them. I sang the song my mom always sang to me. I got into my clam shell and sang myself to sleep.
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