Fishes in love

Morgana isn't a normal everyday girl. In fact she is only half human. When she sees a boy from the Brit boy band One Direction, she falls deeply in love with him. Will she ever become normal to meet him?


1. Pearls

"Wait up!", Emerald calls.
"But we need to hurry! There are some oisters down here! I need their pearls to finish my necklace.",I call.
"I know that! Morgana. Doesn't this seem dangerous? I mean, your father with have the whole reef looking for you?"
"Calm you shells Em! It will only be a second!"
"Excuse me oisters, can we have some of your pearls please.", I ask them.
"Anything for you princess.", one says and they all open their shells.
"Thank you!", I say and grab the white glossy pearls. I swim up towards Em.
"Finally! Let's get back before your dad makes tidal waves."
We swim as fast as we can back the the golden palace. We go thought the gates and sneak in quietly past my dads thrown so he won't see us.
"Uh hem!", a rough voice coughed.
Oh crab cakes!
"Hey dad.", I say weakly.
"Where were you?", he asked stirnly.
"We were collection pearls", I say showing him my seaweed pouch.
"You need to ask me before you leave!", he said with anger.
"Yes dad.", I say.
"You are dismissed", he said and turned to leave for his thrown.
Me and Emerald went up to my room. It was pretty big. It had golden walls. In the corner was a giant clam shell for my bed. I had a vanity with a mirror. All I had on it was a hair brush. I didn't wear makeup. No one did. Mostly because merpeople were naturally good looking. I had a lot of pearls beaded down my walls and door opening. Me and Em sat down on my coral chairs. I crabbed the pearls and some thin seaweed and started heading them to make a necklace.
"That was a close one. I thought he was ganna go all sword fish on me.", I sayed relieved.
"Me too. So how are things with you and Kai?", she asked with a smirk.
"He's not realy my type. He's such a suck up. He's a.... Squid! I'm not like that.", I yelled.
"He is not a squid! He is cute and from an ocean from Hawaii!",she protested.
"So? I don't care if he is from Hawaii! You seem interested in him. You would be great for him.", I said.
She blushes. She is a great match for him. She had Brunette hair like his and the same violet eyes. Our conversation was interrupted by Dillon. I knew Dillon since I was born. My parents are good friends with his. You could say me and him were best friends.
"Hey Dillon!", me and Em said in a chorus and gave him a bear hug.
"Hey guys!"
"What's up Dillon?", I asked.
"I had a few extra sand dollars and wanted to see if you guys wanted to come get some sea berries with me?", he asked.
"Sure! Let me just finish this last bead", I say.
I finish and put it over my head. I grab my shell out of my seaweed pouch and call my dad.
"I'm going to get some sea berries with Dillon and Em"
"Ok. Be back my sunset."
I hang up and we head out towards the reef.
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