New Love, New Lies

"Summer was once more boring than watching ants race.
Love was as special as family
New boy bands came and went
But when I met the newest boy band in summer than fell in love.

my life became complete"

Said by Amy Lovelie.


2. Phone calls from the OLD bestie

Everything around me changed last year. I was at youth with my girls. We were walking upto 7/11. Music blasted from my phone as we got the the door step. "Were playing billy jean, mixing vodka with caffenie" the words flew from the speakers. Grabbing the phone I saw a private number was calling me. not know what to do the girl were so far ahead i answered it. "yelllowwww." i sung through the phone it was sorta the thing i did. i never knew why but me and my best friend Harry always did. hearing a laugh i screamed out "HARRY STYLES WHY DIDNT YOU CALL ME" i yelled. CRAP to loud girls swarmed me from him. running away I told him to call later. once i got back to youth my leader looked at me then back to the girls chasing me. "Amy" she talked to me but not grumpy. while locking the door. "sorry harry called and i screamed and now they chased me"  i rambled on "GIRL I wasnt going to ask that i was going to say. Babe when did you get so fit i didnt know you could run so fast" she said making me laugh. " i cant belive you Ashlee" i told her before cheaking for the girls who had gone now.

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