New Love, New Lies

"Summer was once more boring than watching ants race.
Love was as special as family
New boy bands came and went
But when I met the newest boy band in summer than fell in love.

my life became complete"

Said by Amy Lovelie.


3. calling Mr Styles back

setting my phone on private i called Harry back. "now where were we"i said into the phone when he picked up. "i belive we were listing you you scream my name then more girl did it to" he said "gosh Harry so many thoughts" i giggled winking. once i relised he couldnt see me wink i laughed. "whats so funny bub" he asked lost as hell. " i just winked then relised you couldnt see me" i told him through laughs. "bub" he said "yep" i replied "my idiot i will see you soon"he told me before hanging up. see you soon.... WHAT see you soon means he is here. but no he lives in england. what does he mean. i stoood there for a couple minutes before relising by that comment im going to see my best friend again. but if only i knew when.. grabbing my bag and jacket I went outside to the car. god Harry Styles. Things you do to us females.

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