Twisted Feelings

Victoria was just an average girl who loved everything different in the world. She was freak at school but didn't give a flying squirrel about it. She meets a boy who understands her differences and loves her. But will things take a turn for the worst?


2. who is she?

Niall's POV

Her voice was amazing. I kept thinking about her the whole ride back to the hotel. Harry seemed to notice that I was so quiet. "Are you alright Niall?" "Ya just bored." I said. He ask anything else so I turned on the radio. Part of Me by Katy Perry was playing so me and Harry began to sing along. We got back to the hotel and I laid down on my bed wondering about the next time I would see her.

Vicki's POV

I got home and began freaking out. I was jumping and screaming all over the place. My parents were out of town to see my grandparents, so I could be a total freak right now. I called Liz to tell her. She screamed through the phone and I made her swear she wouldn't tell anybody. My brother came home and immediately went to play video games. I stayed up all night making up scenarios for if I ever see Niall again.

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