Twisted Feelings

Victoria was just an average girl who loved everything different in the world. She was freak at school but didn't give a flying squirrel about it. She meets a boy who understands her differences and loves her. But will things take a turn for the worst?


6. kitty

I got up early that morning and began to search for my favorite outfit.  I was wearing red skinny jeans, white converse, a t shirt with a wolf on it, a hollister sweater, a jean jacket and my beanie. It was lightly snowing out when he knocked on my door. He was wearing a hat that looked like a kitten's head. Could he get any more adorable? 

"Hey!" he said giving a huge horan hug.

"Hi," I said "so where is the rehearsal?"

"At the studio near TD Garden." he answered

"Oh so lets go then." I said eagerly. He chuckled as we walked to the car. We were strangely quiet in the car. I turned on the radio and Baby by Justin Bieber was playing. Being the huge belieber that he is, Niall began to sing along and I began to laugh until I was singing along with him.

"Your voice is amazing." he said when the song ended.

"Its not as good as yours though." I said looking down.

"Thats not true, your voice is perfect." he said. I could already feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. He tilted his back and laughed very loudly. We arrived at the studio and ran inside because it had begun snowing harder than before. The boys were already there and were waiting for Niall. They saw me and in unison they all yelled "Vicki!" and came over to hug me. As I watched them rehearse, Niall kept looking at me like he'd rather be talking me than rehearsing. Ha yeah right.

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