Twisted Feelings

Victoria was just an average girl who loved everything different in the world. She was freak at school but didn't give a flying squirrel about it. She meets a boy who understands her differences and loves her. But will things take a turn for the worst?


4. banana cat

1 week later We decided to go early to the concert because we knew it would be packed. We arrived three hours early and were still no where near the beginning of the line. Liz and I were already going mad. After waiting for what seemed like forever in that line, we finally made it in. Our seats were right in front of centre stage. The crowd began chanting "ONE DIRECTION,ONE DIRECTION!" They finally appeared from backstage. We screamed even louder than before. My throat began to hurt. During Gotta Be You Niall glanced over to us and his eyes widened. Did he actually remember me?


Niall's POV

She was here. She was actually here and was standing rite in front of me. During Zayn's solo I ran backstage and grabbe two backstage passes. I looked for her and handed them over. She screamed and thanked me. Glad to know she was a Directioner. After the concert I was waiting for anxiously for her to come. Surprisingly she and her friend were the only fans with backstage passes. I went over to her. " Hey i'm Niall." I said, "I know, Im Vicki and this is Liz" she said pointing to her friend who was just speechless. The other boys introduced themselves. "Hey you're the girl from the football game, right?" Harry asked, she looked so surprised that he remembered her. Who wouldn't remember her? I thought to myself."Yeah." she said excitedly. The way she said it made me chuckle. She looked at me and said "Hey don't laugh at me, I've always wanted to meet you guys." This made me brighten up inside. Liz was almost crying from excitement, "Why did you give us backstage passes? I mean we are just ordinary fans" she asked. That made me giggle because she sounded so nervous. " I just remembered your friend here singing in the parking lot, and figured why not?" I said gesturing towards Vicki. She began to blush a deep red and made me laugh hysterically

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