Twisted Feelings

Victoria was just an average girl who loved everything different in the world. She was freak at school but didn't give a flying squirrel about it. She meets a boy who understands her differences and loves her. But will things take a turn for the worst?


1. no idea

I was getting ready for my brother's football game when Liz texted me. From:Liz omg 1D is performing in Boston next week!! To:Liz we have to go!!! We loved One Direction and went crazy whenever they performed here in Boston. I realised that I was going to be late for the game so I grabbed my spirit hood and bolted for my car. I got to liz's house and she was still excited from the news. We left for the game and were jamming out to W.M.Y.B in the car. We got to the stadium and to the top seats. The place was packed because it was the championship game. Halfway through the game, I heard the boy in front yelling and he had a cute Irish accent. I didn't think much of it, knowing that most of south Boston was Irish anyways. After the game I was walking to my car listening to music on my phone. Rolling In the Deep was playing so I began to sing along. When the song ended, I was startled when the boys behind began talking to me. "You have a very impressive voice." the Irish one said. He was the one who sat in front of me during the game. " Ya it was amazing." said the one with British accent. It took me a while to process, They were Niall and Harry from One Direction! I didn't want to embarrass myself by fangirling so I thanked them and got in my car.

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