Niall&his princess

This is actually a dream I dreamt so I hope u like it if u want to know more just read it and I will be doing a chapter daily or two a day if I'm not busy some chapters are long som ware not sorry !


1. B&e's ;D yum

My name is Ashley and I'm 17 I blow my candles at 26 of july (AN:it's July 25 were they are she just doesn't know the date!) I have a friend called Maggie I love her with all my heart oh and one more thing I LOVE ONE DIRECTION LIKE ADORE THEM and espiccaly NIALL JAMES HORAN soo.. That's all for u to know and oh yea I have a single dad my mother abused me and my sister Jess so she got jailed for child abuse and for ALMOST KILLING ME ugh.. How much I hate her..

Ashley's P.O.V

Today is Friday July whatever.. Anyways I just woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs ah.. It must be dad he makes the best bacon and eggs! I went down the stairs and to The kitchen I can see dad was scared he almost dropped the pan"good morning ash u scared me there! Want some b&e ?!" dad always calls them b&e I have no idea I guess it's just short for bacon and eggs! "yea! Sure u know I always want some! U make the best b&e's and it also smells delicious!" he gave me some b&e's and I ate them like a pig...

AN# if u have any ideas for The story email me at and u can be some of the boys GF so just send me the ideas and who wins gets to choose zayn or Harry so thx! I hope u like this chapter more to come sorry if it's short I just have to go to sleep cuz it's 6 in the morning here and I had no sleep! So email me don't forget!<3 xoxo bye lovelys
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