It was just another normal school year for Thalia Lux. Classes, detention, longer classes, even longer detention. Nothing seemed to get any better no matter what her parents did. The more they pushed her to get better the more she took it out on other people. To make matters worse, Thalia's best friend, Katie, is battling cancer. When she gets the word that Katie has taken a turn for the worst, she ultimately feels like giving up. Will anything get better? And why does she get the funny feeling that she's being watched when she walks home from school?


8. Yes ~Louis~

  Yes! I knew she liked me! She kissed me even! She actually KISSED me! The second I stepped into my room I broke into a Snoopy Happy dance.

  "Louis honey, are you alright?" my mom called.

  "Yes mom! I'm on cloud 9!" I screamed.

  I hear footsteps on the stairs and Mother peeped her head through the door.

  "Why? Did you win the lottery?" she asked excitedly. 

  That's my mother for you. Always thinking/hoping for the best. But I love her anyway! I ran up and squashed her in a big bear hug.

   "No mother! Better! Much much better!" I exclaimed.

   I explained the whole story, from meeting her at school to kissing her in the park. The entire time I couldn't wipe the ridiculous grin off my face. At last when I finished telling her about Thalia, she quickly pecked my cheek and left the room.

   I was left sitting on my bed rethinking the last month. I had a girlfriend, well not officially, yet. Just then my phone interrupted my blessed thoughts.

   "LOUIS!!!" the boys screamed into the phone.

   "Louis I miss you!" Harry hollered pouting. 

   "I miss you too Hazza! And Zayn, and Liam, and Niall!" I said counting them off my fingers.

   "We want our Carrot King back!" Niall said.

   In the distance I could hear Harry fake crying and Liam consoling him.

   "Look lads, I have something to tell you." I said pausing for dramatic effect, "I've met this girl, and well, I'm going to asked her out on a date."

   "Ooooooooh! Have you kissed her yet?!" Zayn asked.

   "Yes, but that's not the-" Harry cut me off.

   "Your CHEATING on me!?" He screamed, and burst into more fake tears.

   "Yes I am, sorry mate." I said laughing at the bromance, "I miss you all, but I have to go, I have a maiden to woo."

   With that I hung up the phone and walked out of my room. 

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