It was just another normal school year for Thalia Lux. Classes, detention, longer classes, even longer detention. Nothing seemed to get any better no matter what her parents did. The more they pushed her to get better the more she took it out on other people. To make matters worse, Thalia's best friend, Katie, is battling cancer. When she gets the word that Katie has taken a turn for the worst, she ultimately feels like giving up. Will anything get better? And why does she get the funny feeling that she's being watched when she walks home from school?


2. The New Girl ~Louis~

   *CLICK* I closed my locker and started towards the caff. All of a sudden there's an over powering scent of Victoria's Secret perfume. Now if you've never been mobbed by three girls in mini skirts and scented lip gloss...consider yourself lucky! It's like one second your enjoying the beautiful spring breeze and then the next...WAMO! Your blinded by the flashy necklaces and dizzy from a triple dose of perfume.


   Rebecca and the rest of the trio, they liked to be called, had been falling all over his since he sang at the schools talent show last semester. Sometimes he liked all the compliments and getting to go to the popular parties but most of the time it was just really annoying. Thank god for this disguise the boys had given him before he started school at the beginning of the year. Most of the time he wore dark sunglasses and a hat to cover his face, and baggy over sized clothing so people wouldn't recognize him. It anyone found out that he was Louis Tomlinson, from One Direction, people would never leave him alone. So at school he went by Louis Thompson and made sure to always change in the bathroom stall instead of the boys locker room. People thought his name and talent were just funny coincidences. 


   "Hi Louis!" The girls squealed simultaneously, "Come sit with us!"


   How could I refuse that confrontation in-front of the whole school? Well I was just about to until I saw a fourth girl standing slightly to the left of the trio. It was the same girl who had been late to music earlier that morning. She was beautiful, long chestnut coloured hair, full lips, mesmerizing hazel eyes. It was hard not to stare. Yet there was something about her and her situation that doesn't didn't seem right. Why would the trio adopt a new girl the very first day she came? That was definitely NOT their nature, and I had a very bad feeling about where this was heading. I was going to do whatever I could to stop it.


   Then Rebecca noticed my gaze and smirked. She glanced from me to the new girl -who's name I still don't know- and back again. For a second something flashed across her face. Envy? She let out a little huff and sat down, the rest of the trio following her. Rebecca gestured for the new girl to sit and she obliged. Hesitantly I made my way over to their table and settled down beside the new girl.


   For a second we locked eyes but she quickly looked away. Sunlight caught her already sparkling hair and you could faintly see natural blonde highlights. Rebecca flipped her hair constantly as she gossiped with her friends and I could tell she was trying to get my attention just by the way her eyes kept creeping a peek at him. I turned slightly in the new girls direction trying to give her attention by shifting my weigh and leaning towards her. Bad move, it seemed to make her very uncomfortable. But naturally Rebecca seemed to catch on to my tricks and started gathering up her lunch.


   "I think we've eaten our fill don't you girls?" She glanced at me then glared at the new girl, "Come now Thaliah, we're leaving."


   "Thaliah, so that's her name, what a beautiful name..." I thought aloud, "Oh god did I just say that out loud!?"


   Apparently I did because Rebecca's eyes flashed as she glared at me and the rest of the trio snickered. Thaliah's gaze dropped to the ground and her cheeks went pink. Once again I've made a complete fool of myself in-front of the girl I like. Rebecca laced her arm through Thaliah's and pulled her from her chair.


   "You and Thaliah can get to know each other some other time, I'm sure you'll have nothing to talk about." She stated.


   It was a test and I knew it. She wanted me to make an even bigger fool of myself in-front of Thaliah, and I was determined that wasn't going to happen. So I stayed silent and held her icy glare. At last she turned, gave one last hair flip, and sashayed out of the room. 


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