It was just another normal school year for Thalia Lux. Classes, detention, longer classes, even longer detention. Nothing seemed to get any better no matter what her parents did. The more they pushed her to get better the more she took it out on other people. To make matters worse, Thalia's best friend, Katie, is battling cancer. When she gets the word that Katie has taken a turn for the worst, she ultimately feels like giving up. Will anything get better? And why does she get the funny feeling that she's being watched when she walks home from school?


6. The Hospital ~Thalia~

   Sitting in a waiting room really sucks. Here I was sitting down reading magazines, drinking cafeteria coffee, and eating yummy blueberry muffins when my best friend was sitting all alone in a hospital bed. Strapped up to some machine and being fed mush every three hours. Some friend I was. But  visiting hour was at 3, and it was still only noon. This has been the routine for the past couple of day. Ever since Katie was rushed into emergency.

   Katie has been battling cancer ever since I can remember. It had never really fazed me, a couple of times when we were littler she would get tired out really quickly. But that didn't bother me. I had always had some hope of her getting better, in my mind she was the toughest person I know and I thought she could overcome anything. Now I knew I was wrong. The doctor said that she doesn't have much more than a year to live at the most. Any more and she would be living in excruciating pain.

   Just then I started crying, I had to see her, I couldn't let her be alone in that room for another minute. I got up and ran down the hall toward Katie's room. I got to the door just as a nurse was coming out, so I dashed in behind her. Big mistake because the doctor was there.

   "Excuse me, visiting hour is at 3. I'm sorry but you'll have to wait." The nurse said. 

   I locked eyes with Katie, she looked so hurt. Her eyes, usually bright and energetic, were not dull and lifeless. Something was wrong. Very very wrong. She looked much worse than she had yesterday. 

   "She's gotten worse?" I whispered to the doctor.

   He nodded his head slightly and then sighed, "Step out into the hall please. I need to tell you something."

   We stepped out into the hall and tears started welling up in my eyes. "How could she possibly have gotten worse? She was doing fine yesterday! The doctor said she could be home by next week!" I thought dismayed.

   "She has gotten much worse as you can see. She knows she has little time left and not much is keeping her with us. She doesn't seem to have much to live for other than her friends and family. I'm guessing 3-4 weeks, she can go home tomorrow." He stated.

   With that I burst into tears. The doctor led me into the room and got me a chair. As I stood staring at my motionless friend, I knew she wouldn't last 2 weeks let alone four. I cried beside her bed for along time, she didn't seem to register anything that was going on around her. It made me think, "Why do bad thing always happen to the best people?"  

    Then I felt fingers lace between mine, I didn't have to turn around to know it was Louis. I had missed him more than anything, I felt empty without him. He felt warm and comforting and i was glad that he came.

   As if by miracle, Katie shifted in her bed, she turned and faced me. Her gaze shifted for my face to Louis's and then drifted to our interlocked hands. Her eyes twinkled and a smile crossed her face. I knew this was the end. She was leaving me.

   Her eyes locked with mine and as if she read my mind, she nodded, then closed her eyes.

   She was gone.






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