It was just another normal school year for Thalia Lux. Classes, detention, longer classes, even longer detention. Nothing seemed to get any better no matter what her parents did. The more they pushed her to get better the more she took it out on other people. To make matters worse, Thalia's best friend, Katie, is battling cancer. When she gets the word that Katie has taken a turn for the worst, she ultimately feels like giving up. Will anything get better? And why does she get the funny feeling that she's being watched when she walks home from school?


3. Something In The Bushes ~Thalia~

   *BEEP BEEP BEEP BE-CLICK!* 6:30am on a Tuesday morning, I don't know why but for some reason I actually want to go to school today. I slipped into the shower and started my lather and rinse routine. Starting my deep conditioning step I remembered how Louis had accidentally complimented my name, and how he had stared at me for most of lunch. The most annoying part, was that I couldn't even form words to talk to him.

   "Thaliah it's time to make breakfast!" my Mom yelled.

   "I'm in the shower!" I called over the sound of running water.

   "Get your butt down here young lady! You've been in the shower for 5 minutes! Unless you want to pay the water bill, get out NOW!" my Dad bellowed.

   I have no choice but to get out now, I don't have a job and I don't get paid allowance. There's no way I could pay the water bill! So I stepped out, toweled off and slipped into a chic belted dress with white leggings and slightly heeled sandals. Then I gingerly skipped down the stairs to make breakfast.

   The second I stepped into the school's main doors the trio walked up to me and looked over my outfit choice. I made sure that none of it was purchase at Walmart when I put it on this morning. Addison and Rachel seemed pleased with the change but Rebecca obviously still wasn't satisfied.

   "We honestly need to upgrade your wardrobe, lucky for you Addison has some spare clothes in her locker you could borrow. Isn't that right Addison?" Rebecca said.

   Addison just nodded her head in consent and started walking towards her locker. She pulled out a blue, expensive looking, off-shoulder top with a criss-cross tank top and bejeweled designer skinny jeans. Yet she tossed them to me like she bought them from a BargainMart or something.

   "Here, you can keep them, I never really liked them anyway." She stated as she rolled her eyes, "My parents bought them for me when they went to Bollywood."

   "Oh, wow! Bollywood? Are you sure you're parents won't mind?" I asked

   "Oh please, they're never home anyway, like they care." She mumbled, then slammed her locker.

   At that same moment the first period bell rang. I stuffed the new outfit into my bag and hurried toward the gym. Today's schedule was crazy, first was gym, then two periods of language, lunch, french, music, and finally math. Part of me hoped that I wouldn't have to eat lunch in the caff today. Don't get me wrong the trio are nice enough, but Rebecca always seems to have something up her sleeve. She's like a snake cornering her prey, and I have a sneaking suspicion that once again, I'm the mouse.

   When the lunch bell rang I crept through the back door and it's the garden. The sweet scent of flowers filled my lungs and the sound of music calmed my nerves. Wait.....music? I scanned the pavilion and couldn't find anything. Where is the music coming from?

    "Hello?" I called.

   *THUD* Suddenly the music stopped.

   "AAAHHH!" yelled an anonymous voice.

   "Who's there? Are you hurt? Where are you?" I asked.

   To my surprise Louis stumbled out onto the path. His hair was covered in flower petals and leaves speckled his clothes. He looked like a nature fairy from Pixie Hollow, but he made even that look cool.

   "It's you!" Louis exclaimed, a smile appearing on his face.

   "Umm, ya, it's me. Was....was that you p-playing?" I stuttered stupidly.  "Could I an even bigger loser?"  

   "Ya that was me." he says as he brushes petals out of his hair, "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be eating lunch with Rebecca and the trio?"

   "Probably, but I'm not sure I want to it's much quieter out here, but you on the other hand. Should probably be sitting with Rebecca before she comes looking for you like an angry fire ant. That's all she wanted to do yesterday, if they weren't looking for you they were obsessing over pictures of you, or what you were wearing a certain day, or your new haircut, and I'm rambling now." I babbled.

   He laughed, "Oh I don't worry about them, hopefully they'll get over their annoying obsession. I would much rather spend my lunch hour hanging out here....with you." 





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