It was just another normal school year for Thalia Lux. Classes, detention, longer classes, even longer detention. Nothing seemed to get any better no matter what her parents did. The more they pushed her to get better the more she took it out on other people. To make matters worse, Thalia's best friend, Katie, is battling cancer. When she gets the word that Katie has taken a turn for the worst, she ultimately feels like giving up. Will anything get better? And why does she get the funny feeling that she's being watched when she walks home from school?


9. Always in The Way ~Louis~

   I burst through the main doors of the school. I had one thing on my mind and one thing only. I was going to find Thalia and make her mine. I haven't been able to get her out of my head since the first day I met her. She's just so amazing.

   I'm pulled from my thoughts when an irruption of giggles echo through the hallway.

   "There he is!" one girl screamed.

   "I knew he looked familiar!" another one screeched.

   Suddenly I was surrounded by squealing girls. They were shoving various objects in my face; including papers, pens, one girl even asked me to sign her bra! The secret was out. They know I am and I want to know why. There are very few people here who know about my career with the boys.

   "Everybody move!!!"

   Silence. Half the girls shuffled away to hide behind their locker doors. The braver ones stood their ground. I watched as the trio sauntered through the crowd and came to stand in front of me. Thalia was nowhere to be seen. 

   "We're not the only ones Thalia told, I see." Rebecca snorted as she looked around, "Your disguise can't hide you anymore though. We all know who you are, thanks to Thalia."

   I don't believe it. Not for a second. Thalia wouldn't do something like that. Addison and Rachel are exchanging worried glances, as if they're unsure of themselves. I'm almost sure they're lying. 

   "Where is she?" I ask.

   "Oh, don't worry about her," Addison shrugs, "She's in the music room with Ashton. Who knows what they're doing."

   Rachel nods, "Yeah, those two have been close lately. Not to mention secretive."

   I don't need this. I don't need it and I don't believe it. I push past the girls and stride down the hall, ignoring there calls of protest. There's no way they're telling the truth, but I have to be sure.

   Once I'm out of sight from the entire student body, I break into a sprint. Finally I reach the familiar music department hallway. I could just make out the feint sounds of music coming from the main room. As I walk close, I hear a lovely voice echoing from behind the door. It's no doubt Thalia. And she's....amazing. I don't think I've ever heard a more beautiful voice. Suddenly I recognize the song. It's 'They Don't Know About Us' by One Direction. I smile at the thought of her singing our lyrics.

   That's when I hear it. Another voice begins the next verse. The masculinity is undeniable, there's no doubt it's a guy.

   I slowly feel my blood start to boil. I hate jealousy and I've never been the jealous type. But for some reason, this entire situation erks me. I peer through the small rectangular window in the door. The sight I see is pretty much heartbreaking. Ashton's arms are wrapped around Thalia, they're playing the guitar...and singing.

   One thing's for sure.

   Te trio weren't lying.  

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