trust me

A girl named lucy and her crazy life.


1. Schools out-about me

          It was finally the last day of junior year and school was finally out, but it didnt really feel like it. It just felt like another typical day here in the city. I didnt have many friends just one or two, but we werent really close. People always called me the "shy one" as for I hardly ever talked to anyone. But they didnt really know who I am.

          I'm about 5''8 and have long brown hair and brown eyes. I had to move away from my best friend jessica a couple years ago, and I  miss her ALOT. But thankfully i have my loving family who mean alot to me especially my brother Zayn, who has black hair and dark brown eyes and always looks after me. We love to play video games, eat, and most of all sing. One day my dream is to become a superstar/ singer but, I know that will probably never happen since there's alot of amazing talent out there in the world, but one can only imagine right? Then I have my mom and dad who are constantly working that sometimes it feels like their not even there, which is fine by me because I have Zayn. On top of that I have the best dog in the world Bubba. He is a german Shepard/ rottwieler and he absolutely LOVES to play fetch, and he's just a loving dog, and I would never trade him for the world.


   ***** hey guys this chapter is short because i just wanted you to get to know the character and time setting. Please feel free to comment and tell me what you think.


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