trust me

A girl named lucy and her crazy life.


2. next day

          It was a saturday afternoon and me and Zayn were playing some video games. It was mario and sonic at the london 2012 olympic games for the wii, I was winning.... , the race was almost over until all of a sudden the wii shut off. Zayn had shut off the wii. I was so pissed and all Zayn could say was, "it was an accident". "BS i shouted" turning back on the wii to play one player. I could tell Zayn was laughing a little because he knows how much I love to win, and what a sore loser I can be at times. So then he went upstairs to give me my space.

          I had been playing the wii for about an hour now and decided to call it quits. I went upstairs to see what Zayn was up to, but he wasnt there. where could he be? I tried calling him but still no response, I dont remember seeing him leave?, or I dont think so since i was too caught up in my game. I started to search through all the rooms to see if he was in there.

         I was looking through my room when all of a sudden Zayn scares the shit out of me, takling me to the ground laughing his head off screaming hahaha I scared you! I couldnt help but laugh with him at how stupid he was.  

          Zayns POV

        I wanted to cheer Lucy up so I decided to hide in her room and scare her when she came in. Her face was priceless when she got scared, I couldnt stop laughing it was too funny. Even Lucy was laughing, probably at how stupid looking I was, rolling around on the floor like an idiot. Im so happy to have a sister like her.  This summer is gunna be the best, I can just feel it.


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