trust me

A girl named lucy and her crazy life.


3. Dreams

         Zayns POV

    It was the next morning and Lucy was down stairs in the kitchen making some breakfast. Blue berry pancakes my favorite.

    Breakfast is ready she hollered as she set two plates down on the table. We were eating our breakfast while I was reading the newspaper when all of a sudden I see open auditions for the X factor. I was literally choking on my orange juice on how excited I was.

  What is it? Lucy asked wondering why I looked so jumpy.

  X factor auditions I could barely make out still choking from my orange juice.

  Yeeep!! Lucy yelled. when is it! Where! What should I wear? What should I sing?

   Lucy Lucy calm down!. The auditions are gunna be right here in our town, referring back to the newspaper, on June 5th.

  Thats only in a couple weeks!! she exclaimed.

   I know,... what are we going to do? I asked

   We need to start practicing and picking out our song she confirmed, standing up to clean her plate.



         Zayn had already picked out his song, and he sounds really good, I know for a fact that he's gunna  make it through, I mean why wouldnt he? he has the voice of an angel.  But I still need to pick out my song, but I  cant decide! Its getting fustrating, I dont think I even want to audition even more...

   So Lucy what are you going to sing? I hear Zayn say

    I dont know, I dont think I even want to audition even more I reply feeling depressed.

    But Lucy you have to! You have an amazing voice, and if your not auditioning im not auditioning.  

     Its just that im going to have to sing in front of thousands of people and on top of that Simon Cowell!! What if I mess up and make a fool out of myself, I'll look like a joke. Plus on top of that I cant even find a freaking song to sing to and its making me mad, so im just gunna give up. I sighed.

      Lucy dont think like that your a great singer and I know your'e going to be good! and im not going to audition all by myself when you can be right there with me. I need you, and gave her a big bear hug.


**** Thanks for reading sorry if these chapters are short but their going to get longer futher on in the story so keep reading to find out what happens. and feel free to tell me your thoughts and opinions



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