A heart was stolen

Monik moves to London with her mom, to find a better future for Monik. She's had gone through a lot the last 10 years, and was soon turning 17 years. When she meets this special boy, everything is turned around. Why's there a big scar on her shoulder? Is the boy just another heart breaker?


5. Terrible days at school..

Next morning you woke up to the singing of birds. You dressed, ate breakfast and went to school within an hour. You met the handsome boys in the doorway to the school. "Hey Monik. We thought about what we said the other day, and we thought it was wrong. So we thought that we'd show you around. If you want to?" he smiled. You figured out his name was Jacob and the other one was Tom. You nodded silent, and went with them. You ended up on the toilets:" This is the girls' toilet.. Yeah, i think that was all." Jacob turned around, but he suddenly began to count. Something was going on, but you didn't realize it fast enough:" 1, 2, 3 now!" Tom grabbed you from behind and threw you on the ground. He pulled up a knife and threatened you too stay on the ground. "Please, don't hurt me, I.." "Shut up! Jacob, you start." Jacob began to pull of you shirt, you screamed:" Stop! No! Please!" , but then you felt the knife on your back, and you stopped. You began to cry. "Take it easy. We do this to all ugly girls on the school." Jacob took of you bra, and grabbed you boob. He squeezed it so hard, that you screamed even louder than before. "I'm ready.." Jacob said, and Tom handed him the knife. Tom held you, and your arms was in such a pain. "Please, stop!" but they didn't. Jacob took the knife and with it he cut "UL" on your breast. You cried in pain, but it wasn't over. He took of your shoe, and cut on all your toes "TJ", and he cut deep. Then they leaved you crying. Your foot was in an exstremely pain, and so was your breast. You took on your shirt after a little while, without the bra, and went through the whole school, with people laughing everywhere. You walked thorugh the park, with only one shoe, and a track of blood behind you. Your shirt was deep-red where the wound on your breast was bleeding. Then someone behind you laid a hand on your shoulder. You turned around. It was Zayn. "Monik? What happened?" you didn't say anything. Your energy was out, you just hugged him tight, and cried into his chest. He lead you to a blanket, where Harry and Louis immediately stood up and came towards you. "What happened?" Louis was worried. You could tell from his voice. "I don't know. I spotted her over there with blood everywhere." he pointed. They helped you sit down. "I'll go get Niall and Liam." and Harry was gone to get the boys. They came back a minute later. Niall first. He sat down and hugged you, till your eyes was like Sahara. There wasn't anymore tears to cry.. "I'll kick their ass.." Louis suddenly said. Niall guided your chin, and your eyes met his. "Try and tell me what happened." "They.. They.. Cut me.." you sobbed. "They cut in my breast and on my toes." "Why?" Harry seemed confused:" I'm to ugly.. They cut "UL" and "TJ".. Niall, I'm scared to go back, I don't want to.." "Okay, that was enough!" Harry stood up and shouted. "Harry, take it easy!" Niall tried to calm him down. Niall rubbed your back. He found some paper, and put on some water. He pulled your shirt a little, and helped you clean the wound. You sobbed everytime he touched it. You held his hand, and he cleaned your toes. "I'll go with you tomorrow." Niall suddenly said while looking at you. "I'm going with!" "Me too.." Harry and Louis replied. "We'll go too." you and the biggest boyband? At your school. You actually looked forward to see Jacobs and Toms faces tomorrow..




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