A heart was stolen

Monik moves to London with her mom, to find a better future for Monik. She's had gone through a lot the last 10 years, and was soon turning 17 years. When she meets this special boy, everything is turned around. Why's there a big scar on her shoulder? Is the boy just another heart breaker?


2. My name is...

And two handsome guys where looking suspicious at you. "I'm so sorry, my dog took your shoe, I was putting it back and.."It's okay." one of them laughed. He had this big curly hair and the most charming smile. "Where's your dog now?" the guy beside asked. He was blond, and had such an attractive accent. "Omg.." you sighed and looked around. Suddenly someone yells from behind:" Hey guys! Look what i've found!" a tan guy came running with Coco in his heels. "It's following me!" the boys all laughed as you grabbed Coco, and tells her how to act in a park. "I never caught your name?" the blond one asked. "Ehm.. Im Monik.." you said and blushed. You shook hands:" I'm Niall." he said and smiled. "This is Harry, and this is Zayn." you looked at them. You knew these boys. "Do I know you?" you asked suspicious. "Well, we're all members of One Direction." you nodded:" My friend is totally obsessed with you." they laughed. "Wanna hang out for a bit?" Zayn asked and sat on the blanket. "Yeah sure." you sat beside him and you talked for two hours. "Oh shit! It's late! I gotta go guys! Bye!" you hugged and Niall asked with a wink:" Are we gonna see you again?" you smiled:" Of course. I'll be here tomorrow!" you shout as you ran as fast as you can back to the apartment. It was almost 8pm. "Hi mom! Im so sorry I'm late." Coco was already asleep in your old brown couch. Your mom showed up in the little hallway:" I hope you have a good explanation." you explained the whole show with Coco stealing the shoe, and the boys from the famous boyband One Direction. "Well.. You're not gonna be grounded, because tomorrow is your first day at school." you were shocked:" Already?! Mom, you promised i could have at least two weeks by myself." you complained and went into the livingroom. Everything was normal now. No more brown boxes everywhere. "Yes, but i changed my mind." she left the room, and you knew you would lose the conversation anyway.

Next morning you packed your old blue schoolbag and your mom drove you to school. A lady was waiting for you in front of the school. "You must be Monik. Let me show you to your class." she said and shook your hand. You waved goodbye too your mom, and went with the lady. It was a huge school! "It's here." she suddenly said and stopped. She knocked on the door, and an older man opened the door. "Well, hello there. You must be Monik." he showed you inside, and the lady disapperaed down the hallway. Many eyes were staring at you as you sat down beside a big boy. He wasn't fat. Just very very big. He had this black hair, which made him look scary. Big brown eyes and a little mouth. His clothes was old, you could tell from the many holes everywhere on his trousers and shirt. He stared at you for a long time, he didn't smile. He just looked at you, as if you were an alien. You looked away, his stare was terrible. After a long hour, the bell finally rang. Two handsome boys came to your table. One of them looked at you and said:" Nope, she's to ugly." the other one nodded:" Yep. You gotta be prepared to two terrible years here. You're to ugly for this school." he said. You could feel the tears. The boys went out of the class, and left you with the big boy. "I think you're beautiful." He said in a deep childish voice. You looked shocked at him. "Ehm.. Oh.. Thank you." you said hesitating. School was finally over, and you went to the park to look for the Niall, Harry and Zayn. Suddenly someone bumped into you, and you fell backwards as long as you were. "Oh, I'm sorry, i tried to caught the ball. Here, let me help you." it was a brown haired boy, with this loovely striped shirt that you loved. He helped you get up again. "I'm Louis, btw." "Hi, I'm Monik.." you said and brushed of some sand. "Louis! What the heck are you doing?!" it suddenly came from behind. You regionized Niall, as he came running to you. "Hi Monik. You found us!" you looked at him and Louis laughed:" Or the other way around." you went with them, and met a lovely boy, Liam. He was so nice and kind. These boys were absolutely the kindest boys you had ever met. You and Niall sat down beside each other, whilst the other boys played soccer. "Did you have a nice day?" you looked down, when you remembered what the boys had said to you at school. "Yea.. Or.. i don't know.. I..." you kept hesitating, but he interrupted you:" Are you okay?" you could feel the tears in your eyes, but looked away. You didn't want to show him. The words the boys said at school were strong words.. "Hey Monik? Are you okay?" first tear dropped from your face and he noticed. He pulled his left arm around your shoulder, and told that it was okay. You told him what the boys had said, still sobbing. "You're not ugly, you're absolutely gorgerous." he rubbed your back. "Thanks Niall.." "Let's cheer up, if you can catch me, you'll get an icecream." he laughed and stood up before you even could say a word. You laughed and ran as fast as you could after him, but he was way faster than you. Suddenly he was gone. The bug trees shadowed the grass, and filled the heaven with leafs. You stopped and looked around. He was nowhere. Suddenly someone grabbed you from behind and started tickeling you. You laughed hard:" Niall, stop it!" he stopped, and before he could do anything, you grabbed his hand. "I got you!" you giggled. "Lets go for an icecream." he smiled, and took your hand....

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