A heart was stolen

Monik moves to London with her mom, to find a better future for Monik. She's had gone through a lot the last 10 years, and was soon turning 17 years. When she meets this special boy, everything is turned around. Why's there a big scar on her shoulder? Is the boy just another heart breaker?


1. Moving out.

"Monik!" your mom yelled from the kitchen. "I'm coming!" you replied and ran down the stairs. Big brown boxes was stabled everywhere. Your lovely brown labrador came running towards you, and sat down beside you as you helped your mom clean some plates. "Are you ready to go?" she asked and she put the plates in another brown box. You nodded and went upstairs to take a last look at your room through ten years. It was all empty, and the window was open. A cold wind rushed through the room, and you closed the window whilst your body was shaking a bit. It was always cold up here. "Are you ready Coco?" you looked at your dog and she looked at you. She barked silent and you stroked the soft brown head.

The drive took about 3 hours. It was a lovely apartment, with a kind of park beside it. It was a little green area. Many people was laying on blankets everywhere, having a chill, enjoying the sun. "Mom? Can I take Coco to the park and take a look around." "Of course. Be home at 7pm." she answered as she carried a big lamp into the new bedroom.

The park was lovely. Green grass, people smiling and kids playing.
Coco seemed to enjoy it, when she suddenly began to ran, and the line slipped out of your hand. She ran across the grass and jumped onto someones blanket. She stole a shoe and ran back to you. "Coco no!" you grabbed the shoe and ran back to put it back. "Excuse me, that's our stuff." the voice came from behind you. You turned around..
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