A heart was stolen

Monik moves to London with her mom, to find a better future for Monik. She's had gone through a lot the last 10 years, and was soon turning 17 years. When she meets this special boy, everything is turned around. Why's there a big scar on her shoulder? Is the boy just another heart breaker?


4. "Let me help you.."

"Monik? Are you in there babe? Anything i can do?" It was Niall. "No.." you sobbed, but he could hear you were crying. "Monik? Are you okay?" you pulled together and opened. You let him in and locked the door again, but you didn't face him. You didnt want him to see your face like this. "It's okay sweetheart.. You can cry. What happened?" you pointed at the water. He grabbed your shoulders and turned you around in a soft way. You looked down, and a tear fell. He took a piece of paper, and put some of the spilled water on it. "Let me help you." you looked up and he helped you clean the makeup. He stroked your hair, and smiled:" Now you're even prettier than before." you smiled, and your mood was way better. "Thanks Niall." he smiled and gave you his sweater again to cover the dress, he took your hand. "Lets go home." he paid, and you walked back through the park, still wearing his sweater. The park was even darker now, and you couldn't even spot a tree, everything just seemed black. But you knew which way to walk.

You were almost through the park, when Niall stopped. "What's up?" you asked and smiled. Niall looked serious, and he didn't answer. "Niall?" "Shhh, step backwards slow." you didn't know what was going on, but you did what he said. Suddenly you heard an angry bark, footsteps and people yelling and screaming at eachother. You fumbled to find Nialls hand while looking around, to find out what was going on. "Hide behind that tree, they only want you." Niall whispered. "But Niall.. Don't leave me." you held on to his hand. You didn't want to let go. "Do what I say, I'll not leave you babe.." you ran to the nearest tree, and hide behind it. You could see Niall from there. "Hey! You! You in the white polo!" a big, fat man ran to Niall, and they talked. You couldn't hear what they were talking about, but the man disapperead again, and Niall came towards you. You hugged him and his warming strong arms surrounded you, and made you feel safe. "What did he say?" "Nothing there's necessary to talk about." it was getting late. Very late actually. It was 1am, and you knew your mum was very angry already now. Niall lead you all the way home. You stepped inside, and your mum was staring at the door, now you. "Where have you been?" she asked angry. "Sorry mum. We had some troubles in the park." her face turned as red as a tomato:" Oh, was the condom gone?!" she shouted. Niall looked shocked. You looked at her and your eyes teared, but not this time. She wasn't going to spoil this:" If Niall wasn't there i would probably have been kidnapped! Okay?! He actually saved me and helped me through the park, and if he hadn't been there, i was probably getting abused now! So stop!" you yelled at her. Your mums skin turned normal again. You turned to Niall, and hugged him tight, and he kissed your forehead. "Thanks for everything Niall." he smiled and faced your mum. "Your daugther is absolutely gorgerous. I would never mess it up with her." she smiled hesitating. "Thanks for taking care of her." she replied. Niall left, and you looked at your mum. Angry and sad because of what she had said. She didn't trust you? "Why do you think those thoughts about me?" "Monik, I'm sorry, but you know.. After what happened between you and Luke last year, I'm not very happy about you and boys going out." your thoughts was a mess. All those things Luke said and did to you last year. It was a nightmare. He abused you till the last. He thought you were dead, and he burned a massive wound in your shoulder. It was now only a scar, but everytime you thought of that night, the pain seemed to come back. "You need to give me some freedom. Niall is such a nice guy, mum. He saved me." "You said the same thing about Luke." you took her hand and guided her to your room. You showed her some pictures you had taken with your cell. "That's Zayn, Liam, Louis and Harry. Nialls best friends. I use to meet them in the park after school." "They look nice." you nodded in reply and showed her more pictures. She seemed more secure about what was going on between you and Niall.. "Thanks. Now i know what you're doing. Goodnight." she waved and closed the door...

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