A heart was stolen

Monik moves to London with her mom, to find a better future for Monik. She's had gone through a lot the last 10 years, and was soon turning 17 years. When she meets this special boy, everything is turned around. Why's there a big scar on her shoulder? Is the boy just another heart breaker?


3. Falling in love...

"Which ice cream do you want?" Niall asked and found some money. "I don't know.. Maybe.. The Rainbow-Squeeze.." you smiled. You found 3 dollar in your pocket and gave them to him. He looked confused at you. "What am i gonna use them for?" he asked, and took the money hesitating. "The ice-cream of course!" you laughed, because of his confused look. His face turned normal again, and he gave you the money back with a smile. "I'm paying." he turned to pay, and you ate the ice on the way back to the other boys. "Thanks Niall. I have had a great day. Except from the episode at school.." you looked down. The words from the handsome boys was stuck in you. "Two terrible years.." they said..

Niall looked at you. Harry and Louis had heard what you had said, and looked at you for an explanation. You told them what happened, and Niall laid his hand on yours. Harry stared at you. "If they hurt you I'll kick their ass." you smiled hesitating:" Thanks Harry.." of course Louis tried to make a joke:" I bet they're just as ugly as Harry when he's just woken up." Harry slapped him and you laughed a bit. Zayn and Liam was playing soccer on the grassy area, when Niall turned to you:" Do you wanna go out for dinner tonight?" you smiled:" Yeah, i would love to."


You went home to shower, and clean your room. And of course dress for tonight. "Hi sweetheart! Did you have a good first day?" your mum shouted from the kitchen. "Yeah, it was okay." you threw your bag on the floor. "I'm going out tonight with someone.. I met in the park.." You said as you helped her clean the kitchen. "No, you're not. Not before i've met the boy. You know how I hate when you go out with boys, after what happened last year." "But mum! He's a nice boy. Niall.." she looked at you:" Okay, but be home at 10pm." you hugged her:" Thanks i love you!" you showered, and dressed. Black jeans, and a nice dark green shirt. You did your makeup, and met Niall in the park at 7pm. "You look beautiful." he smiled. You hugged him and thanked. You walked hand in hand through the park. It was dark, but Nialls warm hand made you feel comfortable. The cold air made your body shake a bit. Niall mentioned it:" Are you cold?" you nodded. He pulled of his sweater, and gave it to you. "Here. It'll make you warm." "But then you'll get cold." "No babe, take it." The sweater was warm, and you felt the warm rush.

After a little walk you arrived to a nice resturant. The food was absolutely delicious. "Excuse me Niall, i need to go to the toilet." he smiled. "Okay." compared to the food, the toilet was disgusting. There were water eveywhere, and it smelled like shit. Your nose almost exploded. You peed and went to wash your hands. But the water went in all directions when you turned it on. You tried to turn it of, but the water wouldn't stop. It finally stopped, but your hair.. Your make up.. Your clothes... It was ruined and you looked like a beast. You could feel the tears press on. The first tear fell, then the second, and the third.. You sat in the corner of the toilet, you couldn't go out like this. You cried.. What if Niall saw you looking like this, on your first date? But then, it knocked on the door...

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