Untold Secrets

A girl called Louise lives in a perfect family, with the perfect boyfriend and the perfect best friend....but somehow, within the matter of one week her 'perfect' life seams to be a cover up. Her perfect life is covering the real truth of a bad friend, bad boyfriend and a cracking family. The only way to save her perfect life, is to figure out everyone's untold secrets...


2. Saturday night

I groaned as i lifted a crate from the lobby into the kitchen. 15 crates in the kitchen, 15 crates in the living room and a few more packed away in the shed for if we run out. Sonya's mum and dad bought all of the crates, and knowing Sonya there is most likely more to come! Wiping my forehead i looked at my phone. 5:47. The party starts in 2 hours and me and Sonya have only just finished taking the crates of booze into her house, still needing to make the punch and lock her private things into her 'lock away' room. It's the smallest room in her house, so she decided to use it for storing even making the effort to order her dad to put an electrical lock on it.


My mum and dad have a lot of money, but Sonya's mum and dad are just loaded. Sonya gets whatever she wants whenever she wants, like all of her parties she has ever had. Whenever she throws a party her mum and dad stay in their old house they couldn't bring themselves to sell, so decided to use it for when Sonya wants the house to herself. I never really think she knows how lucky she is as she takes a lot of her things for granted. Like me for example.


"LOUISEEE! COME HERE QUICK! HELPPP!" Sonya screamed in a high pitched voice. I jumped and sprinted to where her scream was coming from.


"Sonya..." I whispered leaning my head against the wall of the bathroom. I was laughing a little but im not sure if its out of relief or anger.


"Louise! its great you just walked past, because i have a bathroom to clean and the rubber gloves and loo brush style just is NOT me, but i thought maybe you would like to give it a try!" She smiled pushing my back towards her toilet.


"Sonya, this is your an suite, you mess it up you clean it up!" I sternly adressed her, but by the time i had finished she had sprinted out of the bathroom and locked the door. 


"YOUR NOT GETTING OUT UNTIL YOU CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN! I am going to make the punch!" she shouted happily.


I rolled my eyes, "how stupid do you think i am? Locks work both ways, so i don't see how you can keep me here!" Yelling angrily i stormed through the blindingly light pink bathroom and towards the neon pink door. Padlocked from the other side. Typical Sonya. 


"I swear if you don't let me out before this party starts i am going to take a hammer to your bathroom!" I yelled not even sure if she was there.


I dont mind cleaning the bathroom, i would never overreact to something as silly as this. Its the fact Sonya tricked me and locked me in here, not letting me out until i do it. I am sitting in trackies, trainers and a thick hoodie, which is not a good look at a party like this! 



     *     *     *



Finished. I took out my phone. 6:36 I sighed, phoning Sonya's mobile. A couple of rings later Sonya opened the door, her dress, heels and hair all done. 


"Louise! what are you still doing in here! People have already arrived!" She asked worried in case people seen me not dressed up.


I rolled my eyes once again, not being able to contain my anger i laughed. "let me get ready then!"


I ran across her hallway and sprinted upstairs to her room where i kept my dress. I ran past quite a few people, but they were too busy pouring their drinks and laughing to notice. quickly brushing my hair it was already straight, i undressed out of my dirty clothes, slipped into my dress zipping it up, slipped on my large heels and walked down the stairs again.


I grabbed a beer out of one of the crates and slouched down into the couch, waiting for Sonya's house to get packed full of strangers. The party has only just begun.

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