Untold Secrets

A girl called Louise lives in a perfect family, with the perfect boyfriend and the perfect best friend....but somehow, within the matter of one week her 'perfect' life seams to be a cover up. Her perfect life is covering the real truth of a bad friend, bad boyfriend and a cracking family. The only way to save her perfect life, is to figure out everyone's untold secrets...


4. Police

I opened the door to the police station. There was a room to my left full of people waiting to be seen to that were drunk and a room to my right who were sober. There were a lot of people in the rooms waiting, the police must be busy tonight! i thought as i walked up to the front desk. 


"erm...hi...im here to see my brother Alex?" I asked, hoping i would be able to see him even though i was 16.


"right this way ma'am." He stood up guiding me to follow him as he opened the door to the drunken room. 


I was surprised that he did't ask me how old i was, i look young enough to be at least 14! maybe it is all the heavy make-up i splattered on my face throughout the night and my grown up dress and heels. I most likely strongly smelled of drink too, but i was not worried about that as i just blended into the smell of drink and sick that was an overpowering scent already made in the police department.


"Lou!" Alex screamed as the police guard opened the door.


"would you mind if i stayed here for a bit? he is only 14 and..." I started asking, before the guard interrupted.


"14 years old! my my, what is a boy so young doing here?" He sympathetically asked as i looked at my brother squashed in between two very large men.


"I don't know" i whispered. I was too angry to actually look past his hurtful ways. Why would he do such a thing? Was it the drink? I convinced myself it must have been the alcohol, as he has never touched a bottle to his lips before... but, why was he even at the party? 


So many questions spun round my head, i was not sure which one to ask him first. I took my first steps into the room, before the policeman asked:


"excuse me miss, you don't look too old yourself, how old are you?" He asked suspiciously. 


"16" I hung my head, awaiting to be guided out of the room.


"hmm...you seem mature enough, i will give you 5 minutes and that's it. Don't tell anyone else your age, ok?" He shut the door behind him and i heard a metal thud.


"Alex!" I quickly walked over my head still bowed down.


"Hey" he mumbled, looking ashamed as he took a gulp of his water.


"Sober yet?" I crossed my arms, looking down on him sternly.


"Close enough to it" he mumbled once again, rubbing his head as he leaned back.


"why?" I pleaded, kneeling on one knee to make eye contact.


"you wouldn't understand...anyway, it doesn't matter, i got told i just need to go through a few checks before i can go home as i'm not legally allowed to be jailed for the night. The bad thing is, mum and dad have to come and pick me up before i go" Sitting up straight he looked me in the eyes waiting for a reply.


How could i reply to that? My little brother in a police station! No matter how smart i am, not even i could have predicted that!


"Just...don't get into any more trouble with these drunken people and you will be fine." I stood up, looking at a man passed out dribbling on the floor then to another man slur singing.


I don't trust them in the same room as Alex. They are in a police station for a reason, for breaking the law. ow could anyone trust them? As uncomfortable for me as it is, Alex is probably feeling the same... but what can we do? Alex is here for a reason and i'm not going to say anything in his defense.


As much as i would love to go back to Sonya's party and finish of the night on a high note, i really was not in the mood for it. After all this commotion, i just need to get a good night sleep. I heard the same heavy metal noise when the guard shut the door.


"TIME'S UP!" The guard shouted in, letting me know i had to leave.


"I'm going home now, i will see you when you get home" I pathetically smiled, too tired to smile properly.


"What about the..." Alex whimpered, before i interrupted him.


"Party? yeah, i'm done with that. I will most likely be asleep when you come in, so night" I smiled again before walking out of the door. 



     *     *     *



I got outside the police station waiting to call a taxi, before i watched as a familiar car pulled up in the car park. I stood for a second, expecting my mum and dad to walk out the car stunned at Alex being in a police station. Surprisingly, only my mum stepped out. She held her purse close up to her chest and her eyes were popping out of her head.


"Mum? why isn't dad here?" I suspiciously asked.


She walked right past me, not acknowledging my existence. Staring at the police door, she didn't seem to be focusing on anything else.


"Mum?" I asked jumping in her tracks my arms on her shoulders trying to get her attention "You know i don't like being ignored!" i joked.


"Sorry dear, he is...at home" Her eyes watered as she said this, i was confused but let her walk past me. She must be stressing so much, i don't want to add to her stress by firing questions at her expecting answers straight away. I will wait until the morning to ask, until then i will just phone my taxi and get to bed. 

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